Different Point Of View From A Wrestling Fan: Recent WWE and TNA Issues

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2010

Just recently I noted down a very important fact about the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community).

That fact is that most of us always look at issues from a negative point of view, never positive.

The most recent issues in both companies are issues such as:

Hulk Hogan's ruining TNA.

Kofi Kingston doesn't deserve his push because he botched a move against Big Show.

CM Punk's straight edge gimmick is insulting to christians.

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels shouldn't face each other at Wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio's still getting his world heavyweight championship push despite being a cruiserweight.

WWE's NXT will fail.

Ric Flair signs with TNA despite being a successful WWE legend.

Now first off I'm not saying all of you guys say stuff like this or exactly say this, but we all know that these are the issues that are most talked about.

I'm not saying that the issues shouldn't be criticized, because if really bad they should, all I'm saying is that we need to stop criticizing and look at things from a positive side.

Now one by one I'm going to tackle all of those issues with a positive point of view.

Hulk Hogan ruining TNA:

About Hulk Hogan ruining TNA, is it really that bad?

The Hulkster didn't join TNA to ruin it, he joined it to make better competition for WWE. All real wrestling fans should know that Hogan's a genius when it comes to drawing ratings and ever since he debuted on TNA.

The decision to make the TNA ring four sides instead of six was absolutely brilliant. I know some of you die hard TNA fans may disagree but who would take a ring with six sides seriously?

I know that looking at this issue particularly from a positive side is hard, but it isn't impossible.

Kofi Kingston not deserving of his push:

Last week on Raw, Kofi Kingston and Big Show had a match together and in that match Kofi botched a missile dropkick on Big Show. Apparently some people are starting to think that Kofi doesn't deserve his push due to this being the second time he botched something on Raw.

Are you kidding me? Seriously every wrestler makes mistakes once in a while, Kingston shouldn't be deprived his push for that. 

CM Punk's straight edge gimmick

On CM Punk, this guy is the best thing going on Smackdown, his straight edge gimmick is one of the best gimmicks in WWE history in my view.

Straight Edge in christianity means a lifestyle movement that refrain from drinking alcohol, using tobacco products, and taking any recreational drugs for their whole lifetime.

CM Punk's basically trying to become WWE's version of Jesus. Some people feel offended by that and I'm telling those people to relax it's just a gimmick, neither CM Punk nor Vince Mcmahon want any Christian to be offended by this straight edge society angle.

Stopping Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker Part II

Now I wrote an article on how to stop The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels before it happens. In the article I stated many ways how WWE could stop this match from occurring. Then today I started thinking from a different point of view.

I like many people wanted Triple H and HBK to face each other at Wrestlemania but did anyone notice that these two were feuding all throughout 2003. WWE's been there and done that too many times with HBK and HHH.

Now The Undertaker vs HBK didn't go face to face many times in their careers. Honestly, let's think about it who else is a bigger threat to Undertaker's undefeated streak then HBK?

Rey Mysterio's World Championship Push

Apparently a couple of people think that Rey Mysterio's overrated because he got one world title match against The Undertaker at The Royal Rumble.

I'm not saying this because I'm a huge Rey Mysterio mark but Rey Mysterio is one of the best in ring performers to ever step foot in a WWE ring.

For the past 7 years or so Rey busted his ass off to get the push that he deserved, some people may say that the only reason he got his main event push was because of Eddie Guerrero's death in 2005.

No, that's not true. Rey Mysterio already had a huge fan base before the tragic incident and he was already supposed to get that push. Vince doesn't like putting his world championships on big guys but he still did it with Rey Mysterio only because of Rey's passion and dedication to the company.

WWE's NXT failing:

Now last Tuesday on ECW, Vince Mcmahon finally decided to cancel ECW and replace it with a new show called WWE NXT. The whole concept behind NXT is to feature the next generation of superstars sort of similar to WWE's Tough Enough.

Many people gave their opinion on NXT and most of which were negative. Most people think that NXT will fail to draw ratings because of the fact that ECW didn't draw ratings despite show casing talent such as Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and William Regal. 

I'm so definite that the only reason ECW failed was because it's featured on SyFy. Another reason some people didn't watch ECW was because they still hold a grudge against Vince Mcmahon for turning ECW into something that's not extreme at all.

I have reason to believe that WWE's NXT will succeed. NXT is completely different from ECW and many people found ECW dull and boring. If NXT keeps introducing fine characters and they constantly have great matches then they may just do what ECW couldn't do and that's draw good ratings.

Ric Flair disrespecting WWE by joining TNA

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair retired from WWE in 2008 after his wonderful match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24.

On the January 4th 2010 edition of Impact, Ric Flair shocked all wrestling fans and joined TNA.

A couple of people find Ric Flair's decision to join TNA insulting to WWE. I think otherwise.

He joined TNA to help elevate the talent in TNA to a whole new level. He's currently doing so by being the manager of a heel AJ Styles. Flair stated on Impact that he wants to make AJ Styles the next nature boy. 

I didn't lose respect for Ric Flair after he joined TNA.

I actually gained respect for the nature boy because of the fact that he's helping out TNA's talent despite being a successful hall of famer.

Now I'm asking you if you agree with me or disagree?


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