New York Knicks: A Smart Fair Trade! Curry For Gallinari

James DolanContributor IFebruary 10, 2010

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The New York Knicks had many different goals going into this season.  One was to audition players they hoped to trade like Jarred Jefferies and Eddy Curry.  I think they succeeded with Jefferies, and I suspect they will be able to find a contender in the west who sees his defense as something that can put them over the top this year.

Another goal was to make the playoffs.  :(  As Chris Duhon's game has gone south, so have their chances at playing meaningful basketball in early May.

There last big goal was for Danillo Gallinari to show that he is a quality NBA player with starter level talent.  Knicks fans saw flashes of this last year when Gallo, hobbled with back problems, contributed to numerous games with his long distance shooting and solid defensive instincts.  His health a concern, Knicks fans hoped for a healthy 2009-2010.  Now, 51 games into the season, Knick fans, and the NBA as a whole, are assured that 'The Roster', can play in this league on both ends of the floor, and may just end up as a star 3/4 who is more than just a 3-point specialist.

It is with this in mind that I propose a significant trade that would benefit both teams this year, and down the road.  Danillo Gallinari to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Curry.

This truely makes sense for both teams. The Warriors have way too much guard depth, and likely will never benefit from a Ellis-Curry back court.  Both players play best with the ball in their hands, and once Don Nelson leaves, a more conventional team that plays SOME defense might be put in place so the Warriors can actually win a few games.  Curry is the most desirable guy in the  back court b/c of his upside, and low rookie salary.

The Knicks have visions of Gallinari as their mismatch 4 of the future, and Gallo looks like he could fit that role well, as he has shown solid rebounding skills, the ability to put the ball on the floor, and a deadly jumper.  But with Wilson Chandler showing an all around game that can be counted on, David Lee's emergence as a border line star, and Jordan Hill' potential to be their start 5 of the future, Gallinari is a bit expendable.  Only if his loss brings the Knicks a point guard who could be a star someday.  Gallinari could become a star 3/4 playing next to Ellis in Golden State, while Curry could become a star point guard dropping 3's and throwing pick and roll passes to D.Lee! (Whom the Knicks would be more likely to sign for 10m/yr, leaving enough money for 1 max contract!)

A Knick starting line up of 5-Hill, 4-Lee, 3-Chandler, 1-Curry, and a 2-high priced shooting guard (Wade, James, Johnson, McGrady, .....) would be a playoff team in 2010-2011.  Then, with Eddy Curry and Jarred Jefferies cap space becoming available in the summer of 2011, putting together the remainder of a championship level team is well within reason.  Would the Warriors and Knicks pull the trigger?  I'll let you know in 8 days!