Breaking News: WWE Smackdown Superstar Injured?!

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2010

The Friday night delight, John Morrison may be injured as the Smackdown superstar had to end his match with R-Truth earlier then planned.

Apparently 57 seconds going into the match, the referee had to stop the two young superstar's match due to Morrison's injury.

A couple of reports indicate that the ref did show the "X" sign, which means that the wrestler is injured. Other reports indicate that the ref didn't show the "X" sign.

Wrestlezone's Smackdown taping results seem to indicate that Morrison had injured his ankle.

The Wrestling Observer have noted that Morrison may have sprained his ankle, it's unknown how severe the injury may be.

Let's hope that Morrison isn't out for too long as he may miss the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View and maybe even Wrestlemania 26.

Update: John Morrison did tweet about his ankle and he revealed that he injured his ankle in 3 different places, he did say that he was going to wrestle on the Smackdown international tour which begins on Thursday.

I'm not sure whether or not Morrison's still going to compete in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

To be honest I don't think Morrison should compete in Elimination Chamber only because I don't want risk his chances of wrestling at Wrestlemania 26.

Do you guys think John Morrison should still compete in Elimination Chamber?