Tyler Black Secures the Gold at Ring Of Honor's 8th Anniversary Show

Heel MarkCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2010

To break the monotony of the constant TNA and WWE coverage that seems to emanate from this site, allow me to throw some Ring of Honor goodness out there.

Last night, ROH had there 8th anniversary in New York City. Unlike the wrestling events given to fans from the "Big Two", ROH was able to thrill its fans the whole night through.

Getting the chance to see El Generico, Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, Brian Kendrick, Kenny King, Austin Aries, and Tyler Black in action is enough to let a wrestling fanatic feel that they can die happy.

The main event of the card was the matchup between ROH champion Ares and Black. Black was finally able to win the elusive ROH World Championship, ending Ares' eight-month reign.

Most fans thought the title change would happen back at Final Battle 2009 in the 60-minute match between the two. However, the match ended in a draw and drew the ire of many of the ROH faithfuls. At the 8th Anniversary, this "There Must Be a Winner" match seemed to be Black's last chance at Aries' belt.

Black did not waste the opportunity.

While Black displays a lack of charisma, there is no denying his talent. The 23-year-old star will now face his toughest competition to date as staying on top is much harder than getting there.

I can't really get too excited because of this title change because I'm believing that Black will be a transitional champ, keeping the belt warm for Davey Richards.

Regardless of who is champion, ROH will provide all wrestling fans the chance to see quality wrestling. Forget the leprechauns, stale storylines, and geriatric stars, take a gander at ROH sometime.