2010 Winter Olympics: Team USA Women's Hockey Dismantles China, 12-1

Brittany JacobsCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2010

With 15, first-time Olympians on the team, putting the first game in the bag is sure to help get those jitters out!

As sports fans everywhere, including Vice President Joe Biden, watched this game, there was no doubt who was in control. Angela Ruggiero netted the first goal for Team USA two minutes and 50 seconds into the first period. The scoring didn't stop there.

In the first period alone, Team USA scored five goals. 

The second period saw Team USA scoring another three goals, but mixed in was a bit of sloppy play.  I'm assuming that this approximately around the time they were asked to increase their amount of passing to prevent running up the score.  

Towards the end of the second period, Jocelyne Lamoureux upped the ante with a between the legs move that she followed with a goal. I'm sure the video will be up on YouTube shortly so be sure to check it out!

In the third period, Team USA finished their scoring extravaganza adding on four more goals. China also netted their lone goal of the contest, scoring on a power play opportunity.

In the end, nine different players scored for Team USA.  

Four-time Olympian, Jenny Potter led the way with a hat trick and one primary assist. 

Meghan Duggan followed Potter's lead adding two goals.

Kelli Stack, Angela Ruggerio, Lisa Chesson, Jocelyne Lamoreux, Molly Engstrom, Natalie Darwitz, and Julie Chu all put a single tally on the board for the Red, White, and Blue.

Let's also not forget about the assists that set up some of these textbook goals.

Monique Lamoreux—Jocelyne's twin sister—and Gigi Marvi led the way with two assists, while Hillary Knight, Molly Engstrom, Karen Thatcher, Chu, Stack, Potter, and Darwitz each added one assist for Team USA. 

With Team USA putting 61 shots on goal and playing the majority of the game right in front of China's goalie Yao Shi, I have to give credit where it's due. Shi came up with 49 saves and played an incredible game, regardless of what the score may indicate.

Team USA looks like they are ready to be serious medal contenders. Watch out Canada, your neighbors to the south are ready to take home the Gold!

Interesting fact: China, who boasts a population of one billion, has only 166 registered female hockey players. The elite amongst them are who you see skating for Team China.