All Star Game Delivers: Dwyane Wade 2010 All Star MVP!

Ivan MoraContributor IFebruary 15, 2010

In the most mediocre All Star weekend ever, Sundays MVP caliber performances definitely delivered. 

A somewhat slow start to the infamous All Star weekend took a wild turnaround Sunday night with an amazing game to top off the All Star festivities. 

Dallas delivered with an all new NBA record attendance with 108,713 fans watching the All Star game.  Wade finished with 28 points, 6 rebounds, and an All Star career high 11 assists that night.  He certainly does have some luck when it comes to playing in Dallas. 

Although his performance gained the MVP honor, other players certainly shined and didn't dissapoint at all.  Lebron James, along with Wade, also dazzled with 25 points and some high flying dunks.  Bosh came in third in the Eastern's box score with 23 points and 10 rebounds. 

It's always fun to see athlete's like that give back to the fans what they really want to witness.  An amazing show.  The weekend definitely ended on a good note.  

With seconds left on the clock, both West and East certainly displayed a suspenseful finish.  Carmelo led the West with 27 points and 10 boards only to come up short with a missed three pointer to win the game.  Nowitzki finished with 22 in his hometown.  It was a game for the ages and a spectacular one at that.  

So with the All Star weekend coming to an end, here's a recap of the awards and games.  


Rookies dominated the Sophomores 140-128 (Tyreke Evans MVP with 26 points, Blair honorable mention with 22 points and 23 rebounds)


Dirk Nowitzki and Texas win the Shooting Stars Competition.

Steve Nash winner of Skills Challenge.

Paul Pierce winner of 3 point challenge.

Nate Robinson winner of Slam Dunk competition. ( 3 time slam dunk champ)

East outshines West with 141 -139 win.  (Dwyane Wade All Star MVP)

Kobe Bryant earns the Player of the Decade award with 54 percent votes.