UFC To Show Pay-Per-Views In Kerasotes Theaters. Here Are Some Things To Know.

Michael WollinCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2010

Like most of UFC fans that go to the local sports bar and watch the pay-per-views, I was excited to hear about the UFC partnering with Kerasotes theaters. For me though, I had a couple of questions regarding ticket prices and where they will be showing the event(I live in Minnesota, in case you were wondering). 

Upon leaving a comment on their website, I was appalled by two pieces of information. First, the price of admission, now like most Americans, I am a little strapped for cash so going to the sports bar and spending $20 on food and beverage or even less I thought was justified.

Now by going to the Kerasotes theater and spending $20 for a seat not including getting popcorn and pop and other concessions where that will come out to at least another $15 to $20.

The second thing, Kerasotes was only going to show this event in one location where I live(again, in Minnesota). The event is going to be  shown in Downtown Minneapolis. This would mean I would have to pay for parking which they are located by the Target Center and there is a parking ramp that is shared with First Avenue and other establishments. That would be $5 to $10 more. 

With the ticket, concessions, and parking that comes out to a grand total of $40 to $50. 

With doing some investigating and tallying it all up, your better off paying for the pay-per-view broadcast and enjoying it from your own home, or going to your local sports pub and watching it their.

I know the UFC is not about taking advantage of their fans but I know that movie theaters will do so. 

So what do you really want, to spend $40 dollars in a movie theater with popcorn and pop. Or spend $20 on beer and wings or a burger. You be the