Goldberg Coming To TNA? I Don't Think So.

KRiZZContributor IIFebruary 17, 2010

          This article is basically made to squash a rumor of Goldberg joining TNA, it's a small rumor mainly because no one can find proof that he will join TNA.  I like to spread my knowledge to break rumors.  So why is there a 15% chance of him joining TNA or even WWE?

           Well I was already going to write this article, but right before I started I visited to re-check the NXT cast(Trying to find out why Kaval wasn't there).  And I looked upon an ad with a man on it..(Thinks to myself) That looks like Goldberg...I wen't to the website & duh, it was of course Goldberg.. this isn't that big, but here is the reason for mentioning this.  After looking through the website, it seems that Goldberg owns the show or whatever it is, so maybe he is the one who requested the ad to be put on  It's in the photo..

             Anyways lets switch gears(literally), and talk about what takes the possibility of him coming back, down.. A quote I found in an interview with Goldberg on, "It's not that I don't like it, it's that I don't like it.", yes, confusing but if you examine it for a while, you'll understand.   If you still don't understand it, he's basically saying he doesn't enjoy wrestling.

             Now, lets look at something else, on the website(click to see), you can tell the guy is making money, he has his own show, not only that but he loves cars.  He's making money doing what he loves.  He has a huge schedule because not only does he run a show, he's suppose to be on Donald Trump's new show, "The Celebrity Apprentice".

              I got the idea of making this article because I joined a guy's wrestling group on Facebook(I know), he claimed that RVD, Goldberg, & DDP would be joining TNA.  After that his members pondered & believed him.. I tried my best to explain that DDP & Goldberg had no chance of joining TNA, but the only thing they could reply with were cusing words & ignorant stuff.  They treat this guy like god & beleive what he says, you could tell he knew nothing when he made a claim(Copying my response that I use on all TNA marks like them) saying "wwe is a retirment hom, undertaker is a old fart". Anyways feel free to comment negatively or positively.