My Adventure to See a Glimpse of Manny Pacquiao's Training

Oliver SuarezContributor IIFebruary 20, 2010

As Mr. Guillermo, the legendary boxing writer, said in his article Don't mess with Mr. Peters: Pacquiao bodyguard throws out Pinoy boxing writer, I was at Wildcard Gym last Saturday to try to catch a glimpse of Pacquiao’s training and to my surprise, I was denied by Mr. Peters despite my bags of credentials and status as one of the most respected boxing writers in the sport (at least in my own mind).

Didn’t he know who I was? I’m Oliver Suarez, the highly touted writer who is most likely to follow the footsteps of Recah Trinidad and Ronnie Nathanielz. I should have brought my invisible cloak to bypass the big and tall Rob Peters and Pacquiao’s entourage called the "LA Boys," who unsuccessfully tried to help Pacquiao go somewhere without being detected.

Of course, the picture above was all in fun as the arguably most famous bodyguard politely declined my request to watch Pacquiao’s training since you have to request it ahead of time. Can you name any other bodyguard that has fans clamoring for them to have their pictures taken with him?

Still, I wonder if I would have had a better luck if bought him a sandwich in addition to the bottle of water I gave him.

But for information purposes and as Rob suggested to Mr. Ed De La Vega who wrote the article Wildcard Staff Appeals to Pac Fans, there isn’t any benefit for Pacquiao fans to visit him during training specially on Saturdays.

First the adjacent businesses are not fond of it, since the parking spaces in the area are very limited. Also, unless it is Pacquiao fans day, going to the gym is a waste of time if your main purpose is to see Pacquiao and get his autograph. Unless of course, it’s enough for you to get a glimpse of Pacman as he is escorted onto his car after training.

Also do not buy any pictures or posters of Pacquiao; "no matter who is selling it" if it is not a day where Pacquiao is scheduled to meet his fans and sign autographs because the chances of Pacquiao signing it are slim to none. If you want to purchase one without any expectations in getting it signed, then go for it.

But overall the day wasn't for naught as I got to hang out with  Mr. Chino Trinidad and Dennis "D Source" Guillermo as they try to obtain as much information from me all day about the science of sport reporting.  Just kidding of course. 

(disclaimer: this article contains fictional stories that may not necessarily be suited for all ages.  Rob Peters is a great guy who I've come across many times and this story was all for fun to let the people know in a fun way about his appeal that visiting Manny might not be a good idea when its not a scheduled fans day.)

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