Spoiler Alert: Elimination Chamber Results

Aaron LealContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

The Elimination Chamber was a pay per view event with predictable endings but still managed to surprise. There was new champions and rivalries heated up. With WrestleMania XXVI looming, what did the Chamber have in store for the WWE Superstars?

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber: Sheamus(c) Vs. Kofi Kingston Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Ted DiBiase Vs. Triple H Vs. John Cena

The match started out with Sheamus and Kofi head to head. Not much action until Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase were both in the ring. Teaming up early, Legacy were dominating, then for no reason Cody Rhodes comes in and throws a pipe to Orton.

Then DiBiase, trying to save Cena from the Attitude Adjustment, invertedly hit Orton followed by Cena. DiBiase, seeing Orton out cold, pins him and the match at WrestleMania XXVI is set.

With that out of the way, eliminations came fast. Sheamus pinned DiBiase. Triple H eliminated Shamus. Lastly, John Cena submitted Triple H, winning the match and thus becoming an eighth time champion.

With a sour taste in my mouth, I sat and waited for Cena to celebrate. Then WWE did something they had not done in a while, surprise me.

Vince McMahon's music hits. He congratulates Cena and informs him he was going to headline WrestleMania IF he was able to beat "This Men."

Batista comes out with a grin on his face and slowly walks to the ring to a weary and battered Cena.


WWE Championship Match: John Cena(c) Vs. Batista

Cena, bruised and battered, stood up to Batista and hit him with a right that sends Batista to the ropes. With a somewhat surprised expression, Batista composed himself and speared Cena and proceeded to give him the "Batista Bomb," pinning him to become the new WWE Champion.

The Elimination Chamber match was excactly what I thought it would be, horrid. It was basically a prop to set up Randy Orton Vs. Ted DiBiase. However, while I thought they were going to set up a Triple H-Shemaus match for WrestleMania, WWE swerved most of us and decided to incorporate the WWE title to the Batista-Cena-Hart-McMahon feud.

I thought it was nicely done and was a surprising moment. It adds a new element to the Hart storyline that it sorely needed. The Orton-DiBiase thing was predictable and Sheamus still fails to impress me. 

Rating: Two stars.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Drew McIntyre(c) Vs. Kane

McIntyre had offense early until Kane turned the tide and had the champion reeling. With Kane mounting an offensive challenge, McIntyre was able to he hit his finishing maneuver and get the pin to retain his title.

For a match with a poor build-up, the actual match was not bad. I liked that Kane was in a singles championship match and had a okay showing. I always have liked McIntyre and he is only going to improve.

Rating: Two and a half stars.


Handicap Match: Gail Kim Vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

Gail Kim, thinking this would be a tag match, suddenly found herself under attack from McCool & Layla. With very little opposition, they were able to pick up the win. Maryse comes to the ring and berated Gail Kim.

This match was a set-up for the vacated Divas Championship. It now appears Gail Kim and Maryse will face-off at WrestleMania. Nice to see WWE will highlight the woman at Mania.

Rating: Half a star.


United States Championship Match: The Miz(c) Vs. M.V.P

Both men came out with their tag team partners. After a quick exchange of trash talk, MVP slapped The Miz and the match starts. MVP dominated early. As the match progressed, both were able to maintain short instances of offense.

At one point, Miz had MVP down and taunted him. Miz was able to land a knee on MVP and climbed the turnbuckle. MVP stood up however and was able to throw Miz off with what looked like a horrible belly to belly suplex.

With momentum on his side, MVP was able to hit his "Ballin'" move. Miz was able to put his leg on the rope and break the pin. Big Show then pulled The Miz to the outside.

Big Show and Mark Henry then fought outside and Show sent Henry through the protective railing. When it seemed MVP was rolling, Show punched him while the referee wasn't looking and The Miz was able to pick up the win.

Overall the match wasn't great but it wasn't horrible. The Miz is an up and coming star while I personally think MVP needs to be released. The action was back and forth and had no great moments. It appears the feud will continue all the way to next month's WrestleMania.

Rating: Two stars.


World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber: The Undertaker(c) VS. Rey Mysterio Vs. John Morrison Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. CM Punk VS. R-Truth

CM Punk cut a promo before the match proclaiming the other competitors are weak and full of addictions just like the crowd and warns them that he is not locked in with them, they are locked in with him. The match is started by R-Truth and CM Punk. The first elimination came early and Punk eliminated R-Truth. He then grabbed the mic and proceeded to warn Undertaker and Morrison. He urged views to touch their screens at home and feel him flow him through us.

Mysterio is released next and came out guns blazing. They put on a good show and at one point Punk caught Mysterio flying and swung him against the cage a couple of times and then brutally sent him crashing against one of the glass pods. Both climb the turnbuckle and Mysterio dropped Punk on his groin and does a hurrucarana to the outside eliminating Punk.

Jericho's pod opens next. Mysterio hit the 619 but then tried to fly and Jericho moved out of the way. Mysterio did a RVD spider man trick but Jericho grabbed him and slammed him to the steel floor beneath. Jericho got Mysterio in the Walls of Jericho but was saved by the buzzer when Morrison was released and broke the move. Morrison dove and took out both Jericho and Mysterio.

Jericho hit the Code Breaker on Rey but was unable to get the pin. Morrison, however, hit his incredible finishing move on Rey and eliminates him from the match. Jericho was able to put Morrison on the Walls of Jericho but Undertaker is released and stops him. Undertaker rolling until Jericho and Morrison team up and suplex the champion. After a brief alliance Jericho and Morrison go back to fighting each other.

Undertaker chased Jericho and Y2J tried to hide inside a pod but Undertaker literally brook a pod door, leaving the Chamber with an opening. Foreshadowing? Morrison lands a brutal kick on Undertaker but his "injured" ankle gives out. While it look like Undertaker was going to take Morrison out, Jericho finally came out and hit 'Taker to break it up. Undertaker caught Morrison while going for a kick and chokeslammed him to the steel and pinned him. Jericho and Undertaker were now the last two competitors.

Undertaker and Jericho battle until Jericho super-plexed him of the second rope but was not able to hold down the Undertaker for the win. While Jericho gloated, Undertaker goes for the chokeslam but Y2J reverseed him and outed him in the Walls of Jericho.

Undertaker is able to break the hold however and sat up, stalking Jericho. While it look like Taker was going to hit the Tombstone, Jericho hit the Code Breaker but the champion kicked out.

Undertaker was able to pull the Last Ride from the corner. When it seem Undertaker was in full control, Shawn Michaels came in and hit the Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker. Jericho goes for the pin and becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.

This was easily the best match of the night. Punk's promos were great as always and the match itself was very good and showed why SMACKDOWN! is the better brand right now.

The ending was predictable but still well done and was exciting. Jericho and Undertaker stole the show and the had the best one on one interaction.

Rating: Three stars.

The Elimination Chamber overall was an okay pay per view. The opening match was bad in my opinion but had a good twist at the end. The pair of mid-card titles matches were solid and the main event was really good.

With Elimination Chamber now completed, we have a good picture of how WrestleMania XXVI is going to look like. Edge-Jericho, Orton-Dibiase, Cena-Batista, HBK-Undertaker, The Miz-MVP, and Gail Kim-Maryse for now.

Overall PPV Grade: Two and a half stars.


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