Canada Men Fall, Americans Rise In Ice Hockey

Kendall LewisContributor IFebruary 22, 2010

Last night was a dark day in Canadian hockey as the Americans beat them 5-3 in the preliminary round of the Olympic ice hockey tournament. However, this is not the end for Canada's gold metal hopes. Canada still has a chance, it will just be tougher to accomplish. However, in order to continue to make a comeback, three things must be changed. 

First of all Sidney Crosby needs to be sent home NOW, not sooner. His deplorable defense led to two goals scored by the USA. Should you take away the empty net goal and Sid the Kid's horrible defense, the final would be 3-2. Thus, the "Golden Boy" needs to go home. Surely, there is someone more competent than that Kid known as Sid. 

Secondly, Brodeur needs to be benched in favor of Luongo. Even though Brodeur may soon be in the hall of fame, his Olympic play has been deplorable. He needs to go. Let Luongo start and Andre-Fluery ride the pine. This has to be done to stop the bleeding. 

Finally, the Canadians have to wake up. They cannot just expect to waltz into every arena and win because they are on home ice. After the Swiss scare and the USA lose, Team Canada needs a hard and swift kick in the rear end. Otherwise, another Turin debacle may be in the making.