For The Wrestling Community and Mr. Dick Normandy

William AbelCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2010

None of you know me. I generally stay in the MMA section, as that is my sport of choice. I've posted a few comments here and there on this section of BR, but I generally don't care to because the writing in the wrestling section is (generally) not as good as some of the other sections.

I don't say that to knock any of you. I only say it to point out the reason I am not here more.

The real reason I'm here is because of recent string of articles by a guy named Dick Normandy.

It really is amazing how many comments this guy is getting.

To the hardcore wrestling fans that keep commenting on this guy's journalist endeavors: You do realize that by posting a ton of comments on this guy's articles that you are just giving him exactly what he wants? He wants attention, be it good or bad. And all of you are playing right into it.

Now, I consider myself to be a pretty avid wrestling fan, but I couldn't care less what this guy says. Honestly, I think it's funny that he's trolling you guys so well and all of you are falling for it. You're all proving just how stupid you are by continuing to care about what this guy says.

You want him gone? Here's what you do: Ignore him. Don't read his articles. Don't comment on them. He will eventually realize that posting here isn't worth his time and it will end. Until you all grow up and get past caring what this guys thinks, he will continue to post articles and you will continue to get angry at him.

If ignoring him is too difficult, though, by all means...please continue giving him a reason to post here. I can promise you that as long as you give him attention, he will stay.

Have a good day, children. I'm going to head back to a section where real sports are discussed.