UFC 111 To Be Shown In Theaters Pt.2. NCM Fathom Theaters Joining in.

Michael WollinCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2010

As I wrote in a previous article about Kerasotes theaters and UFC joining together. I looked at how Keresotes was pricing their ticket prices and it was astonishing to see. Now I read on f4wonline.com that UFC is now joining up with NCM Fathom Theaters to also show UFC 111: St. Piere vs. Hardy as well.

Now as I was interested to see what theaters they were going to show the pay-per-view and to my amazement there was a bigger list than Kerasotes theaters. So it nice to see that they had something more to offer than there competition.

As always next to wonder, how much where the price of tickets? Again it was aggravating that the price was not only matched but, it was more. NCM Fathom theaters will be charging $25.00 for one ticket.

So as I looked into the last article, to see this event at Kerasotes theater at the Minneapolis, Minnesota location based on the ticket, concessions, parking it would cost you between $40-$50. With NCM it will cost you the same with ticket price, concessions, and parking is not an issue cause they have their own parking lots.

Now as I sit here and think, how much is UFC charging these theaters to show their ppv's? I know that the UFC charges bars $500 to $1500 depending on the size of the bar/club. So what is the fee that UFC is charging.

As I tried to search and not find what I was looking for, it finally dawned on me that some parts of the deal have not been made public or ever going to be made public. So all you can do is just know that one of the two businesses is making a lot of money.

I haven't put this down in a while so

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