One Of TNA's Worst Storylines Ever?

KRiZZContributor IIFebruary 25, 2010

           Here are some reasons why I think the Hall of Fame ring storyline might be TNA's worst, I know that someone will comment & say I'm a "WWE Mark", but let me clear that up, just because someone writes something negative about TNA soesn't automatically mean that they're a "WWE Mark".

           So like TNA's regular random story-lines this one is sorta, plain out, stupid!  They're basically advertising WWE by using & talking about the prestige of a WWE Hall of Fame ring.  Hogan basically threw his ring out there like it was nothing.

           They don't realise, it's a freaking WWE Hall of Fame ring & they're fussing about whether to give it to Abyss or A.J. Styles?  Uh, I don't know if anyone knows but it's suppose to be a episode of TNA not WWE.  This demeaned the prestige of the WWE Hall of Fame ring.  It's so diversed you have a WWE ring on TNA, not just that, they're are fighting for it!

           Other than that, why does Abyss get the ring?  Why is Abyss feuding with A.J.?  TNA is so disorganized last time I checked A.J. was feuding with Samoa Joe, I missed last week's TNA & Apparently A.J. is feuding with The Pope, now I tune in this week & he's fueding with Abyss?

            This story has TNA stars fighting for a WWE Hall of Fame ring, how much since does it make?  I really don't get any of this at all & I think TNA needs major work on their story-lines.  Feel free to comment about anything :)