Gamecock Nation Still Believes

Robert HynesContributor INovember 5, 2016

          Over the years since Todd Ellis held the reigns at quarterback, I and my family have watched the USC Gamecocks roll in every season with new hope and aspirations in challenging for the various titles in college football. Whether it be for an independant title or dare we say an SEC title, we had an optomism that is shared with countless other Gamecock fans throughout the Carolinas. An optimism that I would say is unique in it's honesty and true to it's form. We believe that we can win.


    For the last twenty years we have witnessed heartbreak like very few other programs endure yet each saturday we tune in to see if, maybe this time, we can beat the odds today. Maybe we didn't have the best players. Maybe our guys were undersized and not fast as the other teams, but it didn't matter. We gladly watched. We were not always leaving with our heads down low however. Every now and again we would win that big game. Who could forget years ago when Tenessee was on the Gamecock three yard line, fourth and goal. They went for it and Carolina stopped them. Gamecocks win!!!


       Now we are in different times. We have paid our dues. We are tired of just living with the occassional big wins but still ending up in the celler every year. We are ready for the next step and it is way overdue. The team that coach Spurrier has is well equiped and capable of winning titles and we all know it. Can it be this year? It is the question that we ask ourselves now every year. And, it is the question that, now, still keeps us coming back. When the day comes that they finally start proving us right, that we are a good winning team, it will be as if a giant boulder has been lifted. Not just for me,... but for the entire Gamecock nation. Go Gamecocks, and God bless.