Smashing The So Called "Nucleus" Of The Warriors: What Must Be Done

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2010

After spending the whole season meditating on what the warriors must do, I have come up with only 1 Option: The Reset button must be hit.

Now what I mean has the great potential to upset many fans of the Warriors, and it was a hard idea to accept myself, but coming to terms with it became easy after I ran it through my head.

By "hitting the reset", the warriors would be disembling this idea of having a "Monta-Curry Captain" nucleus, this idea was D.O.A no matter what you think. Monta claimed he could not play with Curry before he was even drafted.

The biggest problem I'm having with the Warriors right now is the fact that they are putting Monta on a huge pedistal as a Captain, someone as irresponsible as him and in my opinion, lame-brained, should not be a captain of anything, he can barely make it through a interview without showing how much he actually learned in High School.

I'm not saying he shouldn't be captain because of interviews, I'm saying that it only reflects upon other things in his play. He doesn't think far enough ahead to play decent defense or set up a team mate unless they are open enough for a blind kid to notice. In my mind all Ellis is a road runner who has a knack for penetration, and I used to think he was the greatest.

It seems everyone but the management seems to know that Ellis is an over-valued player, there was a offer from Memphis of O.J. Mayo and Hasheem Thabeet (who is now reportedly going to the D-League) for Monta Ellis, an idea I assume most people in this community would pull the trigger on because Stephen Curry could play the 2 just as easily as he plays the 1 excellently, that and Hasheem, fully developed along with a developed Anthony Randolph would be a scary 4-5 combo.



Along with taking Monta off his "Warriors only" pedestal, they must understand that right now, they aren't in a position to do anything, making room for a star chase this year and they aren't in a position to move close to getting to the play-offs in the next year or two. Which leaves only one option available, development.

The Warriors are very well known for letting players go who then move onto become fantastic or better players, e.g. Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jameson, Jason Richardson, among others. Leaving most fans with the strong and smart concept of not trading out our potentially very good players in Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph, and Anthony Morrow, with Monta Ellis kind of being in this group in my mind.

The key to this reset is moving Nelly out of Oakland, at this point I don't give a cr#p that he's 7-8 wins away from the record, I'm tired of seeing his half-asleep gaze on TV when I remember years ago when the warriors where fighting for a position that he actually cared. It's time for the warriors to stop playing nellie-ball and start playing basketball.

Now I expect that once Nellie is acutally out of Oakland, the warriors are going to be moving around like chickens with their heads cut off, because simply, some of them work only because of the system Nellie runs, I can honestly expect that Monta's numbers will drop significantly after Nellies out.

Looking at the players I can guess which ones would actually survive in a post Nellie age:

Andris: He has almost no chance because of two reasons, 1: He's a big man who doesn't play big, he can't match up any posts in the NBA because he doesn't have the thickness any others do, which allows him to run past other centers when the warriors actually have mommentum and a reason to hustle, which they haven't and won't for years.  2: This recent spurt of self doubt and failiure to actually preform in anyway but snag a board shows that he has the potential to be too mentally weak to adjust to a new system that fit his abilities.

Azubuike: His style of play is somewhat of a combo, he has the potential to run but he is a great set up shooter... leaving me to believe he'd have a good shot at moving on to a better place.

Wright: Despite being one of my most hated players because of his part in Jason Richardson's move from Oakland, I am willing to give him a shot despite not having seem him play for a LONG time now, I expect him to be waived or traded for money or a low pick in the future because of health doubts.

Maggette: Expecting that he will not be traded because of his ugly contract, I would expect him to be a even better player for the warriors in a slower, less spuratic system because of his past on the clippers.

Morrow: His future is fairly hard to predict, he is a great set-up shooter and is learning to make other moves than swish a 3-Point shot. But seeing as he hasn't played on another team, I give him a 50/50 shot, but given a chance to develop futher in a different system would allow him to become a versitile player.

Ronny: At this point, I'd give Ronny a better shot at blooming in a new system than Andris simply because he has actually been fairly consistent in his preformance. He is a spurt energy player when he believes it can be of use and is also able to be a decent presence.

Randolph: This is a player who is the perfect foward option for a Nellie system, but gets no chance because of the man who created the system. His past squables with Don limited his time in his rookie season, and he was showing potential in the time before his injury. I believe his lack of development would leave him open to breaking into a new system, that and his athleticism for someone his size couldn't be wasted in any system.

D-Leaguers (Tolliver & Hunter): These are examples of The Warriors luck with the d-league, now picking three players who actually come to the big leagues and become known names. These guys have good chances should their contracts be picked up, seeing as at the momment they don't move at a pace the nellie system moves at and would be better in a system with real plays and decent set up.

Ellis: As stated earlier, Monta is a player with inflated stats, his numbers are only as good as they are now because Nelson doesn't coach any form of self restraint. Once Don's gone, expect Ellis to drop numbers badly and have the posibility to be moved, the only problem there is that his value would have dropped significantly.

Curry: This is a no brainer, a player of Curry's caliber can adjust to anything, moving to point guard when his college primary point guard moved on. Curry has the smarts to create his own system when he stops playing and if he chose to become a coach.

C.J. , Vlad, and Raja are left off this list because in all honesty, they are each just in Oaktown because they couldn't land anywere else.

With this considered, all of this can only happen if the managment changes, mainly Cohan handing over the team to someone who cares.

After all this, I have to ask you the readers, would you hit reset? Because I would faster than Ringo hit the panic button.