Sports Are The Sweet Escape Of Life

Tyler SpenceCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2010

    Do you ever get irritated of people saying that your passion and love for sports is to

addictive? That they just sit there and can criticize you when they really have no idea.

We all are not perfect, and over do things. Some people text more often then they

should, some eat more than they should, but for most all of us on this website, we all

share a special bond, and love for sports.

    Sure, I understand some people do have a point. We may take things our team does

a little to serious, or yell and scream louder than our inside voice. But some people

don't understand, for us fans, sports is our escape.

      Life is not easy, no one said it was. I have came to learn growing up that it can

only get tougher. It's full of highs and lows, heartbreak and joy, ranging from friends,

family, a mixture of drama that we are faced with everyday.

With all of the adversity we will face in our lives, everyone needs a pain killer. I am not

saying literally start popping pain killers, I am saying or most of us, sports is our pain

killer. When we are having a bad day or have our mind on stuff that slows us down, it

seems we forget about it after watching our team, or reading up on mock drafts or


    Sports for us, is a way of life. It's our way of escaping pain and stress. Now, surely

some of our teams will give us pain and stress, that comes with the territory, sorry

Lions, Nets, and Rams fans. However, it seems no matter what, the true fan will have

a true love for their team, through thick and thin, and unfortunately people in our lives

may be there for a little while, but a lot of them fade. With our teams, we have them

to love for eternity.

    Most of us on here are all competitors, and we hate to lose. A lot of us have played

sports in the past, and those who know what it's like to run onto a football field in

front of a screaming crowd or steal home to win a baseball game, the rush and

adrenaline you get is indescribable. It's the sweetest feeling you can have.

When your team is on and it's a close game, and your basketball team hit's a game

winning shot, or football team kicks a field goal to win in overtime, you have a rush of

electricity go through your spine. That feeling is your escape, and you just forget

everything bad in life for a few moments.

     When your team loses, sure your upset for a few hours, but every time a true fan

will think of what went wrong, and be excited for the next opportunity to see their

team in action, and get another chance to put add to the win column. Growing up has

not been easy, it isn't for anyone. But everytime I am down, I know I can count on

sports to bring me back up. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about, it is

a very good healthy drug.


     There is nothing wrong with being obsessive over sports, don't let anyone tell you

otherwise. If they do, they are a hypocrite because they aren't perfect either. Just

continue to represent your team loud and proud, and when you are feeling down,

rather it's drama at school, arguments with family, breakups with girlfriends, just know

that reading up on your beloved teams, or watching them perform, should always bring

you back up.


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