NASCAR: One Fan Focuses on Family for Fourth of July

Patrick HaheContributor IJuly 6, 2008

I found myself as a NASCAR fan adrift in the world of Virginia Beach, Viginia this past weekend.  A trip with my family to the shore was a fun way to get away, but something was troubling: My inclination to get my NASCAR fix.

I found myself away from my laptop, my wireless network, and my collection of records.  My only link to the world around me was the newspaper and the TV.  Both are readily available, but balancing the sport we all love with family time can be interesting.

Going into the races this weekend, I took the route of waiting until everything actually happened.  I watched the Rolex American Lemans race and the Nationwide race the night they happened when we arrived back at the hotel.  I was pained for the Firecracker 400 though.  How would I watch the race I loved the most that weekend?

I scoured local pizza places, sports bars, and other restaurants trying to find race coverage.  You could have found me frantically flipping through channels to see if the hotel even had TNT (which it luckily did).  A list of radio affiliates was produced from the front desk.  I was prepared.

Prepared to mini-golf, that is.  It hit me that the reason I went on this trip was to have time with my family at the beach.  Not to sit around in the hotel and watch the race, but to enjoy the splendor of the beach.

No worries—I did end up seeing most of the race.  My time at the course ended in time to see the last 100 laps of so.  The excitement of the race was worth the wait.

This article is just a reminder to cherish the time we all have with your family members.  Sometimes it's just better to catch the highlights on TV later on.

Enjoy your summer everyone, and I hope your Fourth of July was amazing!