"Could Jamarcus Russell Finally Get The Hand Dealt That's Meant For Him"

Germiyer HallContributor IMarch 1, 2010

The most criticized quarterback in the NFL today, Jamarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders, could possibly be getting the hand dealt that he's goin to need to succeed as a NFL quarterback. No doubt about it his number one supporter, the most criticized owner in NFL history, Al Davis who sign the checks for the young quarterback, hasn't given up on his investment. Davis knows he hasn't dealt Russell that hand yet that will make him  just as competitive as some of the top quarterbacks around the league.

When Davis hired Head Coach Tom Cable, he stated that the Raiders were a couple of years away from winning, and immediately show that by forcing Cable to play the rookie receivers, saying "the faster they get a year in the better they will be." With Russell going into the forth year of his contract, Davis is running out time on dealing that hand to the talentive quarterback, so maybe he will get the ball rolling in 2010, when all the opportunities lies right before his eyes. Im talking about a hand that's goin to rack up some for sure books, like both of the Jokers and the Ace of Spade all in one hand, so far Russell hasn't been dealt that, but thats what it's goin to take to be a play-off team again.

I know Russell is often the blame for the lack of offensive production, his work ethic, his weight, leadership skills, and etc. Work ethic, I don't think that's a major issue, that's more of the media targeting him, same with the leadership issue, that will grow into him with maturity, but meanwhile, as long as he got control of his huddle, thats good enough, everybody got a contract, so everybody has a job to do. When it comes to Russell,  majority of the Raider fan base emphasize on not so serious issues, but through it all the young quarterback shows great poised, and that often get mistaken for not caring. I saw Russell Mid February at a Mardi Gras Parade in his hometown Mobile, Al, and he looks to have drop a couple of pounds, I wouldn't be surprise if he shows up in camp around 255 - 265lbs where he should be.

The Ace of Heart has already been dealt to Russell at the TE position, with Zach Miller, but he can't continue to lead our offense in receiving yards, we have to get more production from the receivers. The Ace of Club has been dealt with the talentive depth in the backfield. With Hue Jackson coming in as offensive coordinator, that's a for sure Low Joker, which would allow Cable to focus more on the offensive line.  Drafting the best left tackle available with the eighth pick of the draft, is a must because Russell protection will be his High Joker. Russell already have talent at the receiver position, but not enough. Chaz Schilens, and Louis Murphy has been great targets, but will be alot better with a number one receiver, which brings me to the Ace of Spade. 

I think there's a good ending to the Terrell Owens Story and I dont know a better place besides Oakland, that Owens can share it with. Owens is on the market and wouldn't be an expensive grab, Davis should get at him, like he did Jerry Rice in his final years, but if not Owens, a Ace of Spade has to be Dealt to Russell. Could the most criticized owner in NFL history be building a dynasty before he clock out on life?