Why Triple H Should Be The One to End The Streak at Another Wrestlemania

Michael VertinContributor IMarch 1, 2010

This is my first article on this site so forgive me if I offend anyone.
I know to some people that Triple H can be overrated, or over shadows people and can be selfish and some say only reason why he got to where he is because he is married to Stephanie McMahon. (Not just this site I searched others opinions on other sites.)

Now that DX has separated with Shawn Michaels vendetta against the Undertaker to end the streak and if Shawn loses he must retire but if he wins he breaks the streak to 17-1. Now I for one think that Shawn will lose but like most wrestlers make a return. (Hell maybe not a wrestler but maybe a NEW RAW GM? huh? sound better than guest hosts?)

Shawn has had many moments in Wrestlemania history such as for one 'retiring' Ric Flair, so he obviously doesn't need to beat the Undertaker to make his career finished because he has all ready done so much and he is no doubt a future hall of famer.

But Triple H has yet to really have his 'Wrestlemania moment!'

Triple H I thought may of had his moment with Randy Orton when it would be a good match between the two and Hunter would exact true revenge on Orton by beating the shit out of him. Until Vickie Guererro intervened and said that if he got disqualified or counted out then he lost the title, then it just sounded like it wouldn't be that good of a match because he couldn't really exact his revenge.

Triple H has main evented Wrestlemanias - hell alot of them, but none of them define as a moment like Shawn did to Ric Flair where it got the crowd truly off their feet and WOW that was the shit!

So I think that Triple H should be the one to end the streak at 18-1 next Wrestlemania. Undertaker's injuries will keep piling up too so I think after he comes back next year after taking time off after Wrestlemania he will return, and should probably feud with Triple H, title or not doesn't matter.

The match would be amazing as two of the greatest wrestlers and especially my personal favorites (triple h slightly more favorite), and they would wow the audiences. Make the match a different stipulation like a hardcore or hell in the cell or a casket match (like if Undertaker is beaten then he will 'rest in peace' or Triple H's soul will finally rest against the Undertaker.)

Now I know Triple H all ready lost to Undertaker before at Wrestlemania but remember Undertaker fought Kane twice and is going against Shawn twice too so that's not a biggy.

In my opinion I feel Shawn doesn't need any more to add to his legendary resume of accomplishments. I feel that if you gave it to a young star (say like Sheamus) then it could go good, or wrong. What if he later doesn't develop like they thought he would or he gets fired and goes to TNA then you just gave up the memory of the Undertaker going 18-1. I feel Triple H should win and he could be known as the true King of Kings by not only having a near record of WWE world titles but defeating the Undertaker. Triple H is really the big name of the business so its not like he would get fired or develop wrong or go to TNA. It would give him his moment and give him all that he would need, even though like Shawn and Undertaker he is a future Hall of Famer.

What do you think? Now I know some will want the Undertaker staying undefeated and I don't have a problem but do you think that Triple H should be the one to break it? He has a few years left in him but its hard to get a really good Wrestlemania moment to come along.