The Doctor Is In: Looking at Who's "Next" In NXT Season 2

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2010

I know that NXT season one just started but I decided I would take some time to look ahead to the Next season of NXT to see who might make the cut for the late summer/early fall run.

I have no idea if WWE will pick soley from their FCW camp or if they will attempt to sign talent from outside if they find someone impressive. For the sake of this article I will look soley at the FCW talent as that IS the main WWE developemental territory after all.

Its simple I will look at Five men who I feel should be the focus of the group and then throw in some guys at the end who I feel can round out the roster. I wist the five in order of most likely to appear to least likely. Lets Begin.

And of course this is all based on the possiblity that season 2 even happens which is likely barring a complete flop in the ratings over the next month.


1. Kaval

This is the more obvious choice here. I was suprised when Kaval did not make the cut for the first season as he is probably the most talented wrestler in developemental outside of Daniel Bryan. This could be for several reasons.

Either WWE didn't want all their proverbial eggs in one basket or just wanted to make sure season one was a sucess and didn't want to waste talent.

Or it could do with the fact that Kaval was injury prone his first year in developemntal and they wan't to make sure he can go the long haul. Or they might even already have a main roster stroyline in place for him and are just waiting to pull the trigger.

If it is any reason other than the last one though then it should be a no brainer for Kaval to be in season 2. he's to talented not to be.


2. Joe Henning

Joe is another guy that I was suprised to not see in the season one cut. He may not be as talented as his old man but he's no slouch and can deliver decent (if somewhat bland) promos.

My guess is that WWE went with the eggs in a basket idea here as Jow has been on the cusp of debuting for a good 2 years now. For those who don't know though Joe Henning is not the most likable guy around and his attitude has a way of tripping him up.

Barring a complete meltdown from Henning in the next few months though I see no reason for the E not to gice him a chance soon. My jaw will hit the floor if I don't see him on the next roster.


3. Brett Dibiase

And the last guy that didn't make the cut for the first roster. Im guessing that this simply has to do with Ted breaking away from Orton and the E didn't want either brothers rise to overshadow the other.

Brett hasn't had many matches but he seems to "get it" in the ring and should have some good years in his future. He's bland in character but thats one of the ideas behind NXT right? To give these guys character.

He may not be a lock for the next season but if his brother breaks out and becomes sucessful you can bet your paycheck WWE will capitalize on the momentum and put young Brett onscreen again. This looks to be a big year for the Dibiase family.


4. Alex Riley

Alex Riley has been used as enhancement talent on various house shows and in dark matches for months now. He's a decent enough wrestler and can garner heat even though he has a lame school bully/jock gimmick.

He may not exactly light the world on fire but he's a decent all around package and I think the E may see him as a decent go to guy for enhancement matches on the main shows.

Heres to hoping he can get repackaged with a decent gimmick to garner some more attention because his present sthick would die fast.

He definitely should receive a fair shot at least and I expect him to be on one of the future NXT cuts if not necessarily the season 2 one.


5. Richie Steamboat

And now for the longshot. Richie may have the name value but he has little to no experience in the ring and was signed only on his fathers recomendation.

 However I have heard that the kid has a good attitude, a desire to learn, and some serious athleticism. These are all traits that are looked higly upon in the backstage at WWE.

The two biggest things that could work against him though are that lack of experience and his size. He's a small (like sorta tall but REALLY skinny) guy but then Daniel Bryan isn't a giant. If his dad tells Vince he's ready though we could be seeing him sooner rather than later.

And of course like I said he has that whole legacy/name thing going for him. We all know how much Vince likes his big secong/third generation stars....


And now lets look at a few guys who could round out the card.

Johnny Prime/Johnny Curtis-Both guys have a decent look but aren't too impressive in the ring. Not that that matters too much if look at some of the guys on the current NXT roster If anything I would have to give the nod to Curtis here as he seems to be a guy straight from the WWE cookie cutter (I mean that in a good way).

G-Rilla/Eli Cottonwood-Both men fill the monster role well though honestly Cottonwood comes off a little to much like Gallow's old gimmick freakin deacon. G-Rilla is suprisingly Decent in the ring and he could (with a lot of luck) become the character Daddy V was supposed to be.

Or if WWE wants to shake things up and bring in a tag team theres Jimmy and Jules Uso who come from the long somoan line that gave us The Rock and Rkishi. Jimmy is the more talented in ring competitior but Jules seems to have a little more personality.  

So there you have it guys the roster we could be looking at for season 2. Now I would like to point out that I am only a casual watcher of FCW. Meaning I am not a consistent viewer. So there may be some guys that I overlooked.

Feel free to voice your own opinions and thrwo some other guys in that you think would be better choices. For now the Doctor is out!