Top 3 Go's and No's For The 2010 NFL Draft

Tyler SpenceCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2010

I will be breaking down the top 3 players the Dallas Cowboys have a legitimate chance grabbing in the 2010 NFL Draft, and 3 players we should stay away from, at each position.

Now with this position the only way we bring in a QB from this draft class would be to sign an undrafted free agent.

3 Go's:
1. Matt Nichols, the kid played in my town actually, West Valley High School, I have a feeling he is going to be drafted however.
2. Joey Elliot, he played better for Purdue as the season went on tossing 18 TD's
3. Trevor Harris, his stock is currently rising

3 No's:
1. Andy Schmitt, bad accuracy
2. Curtis Pulley, poor mechanics
3. Billy Cundiff, just because the last Billy Cundiff here wasn't so great, minus the game winners he hit to beat the Rams and Giants

Now if we draft a RB early it will be to serve for return purposes, I honestly don't see us drafting a RB but if we do it will be because of Barber or Choice being traded, however I wouldn't see Jerry drafting one until the later rounds.
3 Go's
1. Joe McKnight, this kid tore my Washington Huskies up, I could see us drafting him if he is there in the 3rd or 4th
2. Andre Dixon, the kid should bring some good intangibles playing behind Donald Brown last year
3. Chris Brown, some say his stock is falling but I think he still has a lot of upside.

3 No's
1. Tony Gerhart, I don't care what he says, I do not see this kid doing anything in the NFL, hopefully Jerry knows that too and won't waste a 2nd rounder on him.
2. Ryan Matthews, there is just something about this guy that I do not like.
3. LeGarrette Blount, he is no Jonathan Stewart


Now Deon Anderson has been a very good fullback for us, if we were to do anything it would be signing a undrafted fullback to compete with him.
3 Go's
1. Richard Dickson- 6-3 with a lot of upside
2. Dennis Morris- his stock is rising
3. John Conner- this guy could turn out to be quite the blocker

3 No's
1. Manase Tonga- doesn't have good enough blocking skills to last at the next level
2. Jamie McCoy- is very lazy during pass blocking
3. Cory Jackson- lazy blocker, no threat to in the passing or running game in the NFL



I believe we will draft a WR to try to upgrade at Sam Hurds spot. The only thing is, when do we do it? Early rounds or middle rounds?

3 Go's
1. Golden Tate- if we are to draft a WR in the 1st round, it better be Golden Tate, he is the real deal.
2. Brandon Lafell- Dwayne Bowe is the only positive thing the Cheifs have, and Lafell is another LSU product that should be a stud
3. Jordan Shipley- If we wait until the 3rd or 4th round and Shipley is still on the board, I would love to draft him, not sure how fans would think about another Longhorn WR though, as many want to take the current one's head off.

3 No's
1. Mardy Gilyard- NO, NO NO!!! He is a great athlete but does not have an NFL IQ.
2. Mike Williams- WR's in the NFL named Mike Williams do not pan out
3. Taylor Price- his stock is rising but I do not see him developing in this league.

We probably won't draft a tight end, but you never know. We have drafted 3 since Jason Witten. Anthony Fasano, Martellus Bennett, and John Phillips.

3 Go's
1. Joe Torchia- played behind Phillips last year
2. Schuylar Oordt- incredible size and a decent blocker
3. Jordon McMichael- did anyone see that catch he made against Wake Forest?

3 No's
1. Ben Cleveland- a very lazy blocker
2. Brett Brackett- doesn't have reliable hands
3. Brett Huffman- will not even make a roster no matter where he goes, even with his impressive 40 time.

This is a position everyone can pretty much bank on we will draft somewhere.

3 Go's
1. Bruce Cambell- his stock is rising but if he is still there at 27 I am sure we would be more than happy to grab him.
2. Charles Brown- a pretty decent USC product, he could be drafted by us in the 2nd round if he falls, or if we trade down.
3. Sam Young- his stock is falling, and he can be a huge steal for us in the middle rounds.

3 No's
1. Selvish Capers- I do not see him doing much in the NFL, he needs to work on his technique.
2. Ciron Black- poor footwork and work ethic is questionable
3. Adam Ulatoski- Sorry Longhorn fans, I do not believe this guy is going to pan out in the NFL.

This is also a position we could use depth at, especially with the lack of production we have had from Cory Procter, and more than likely the last days of Montrae Holland as a Cowboy.

3 Go's
1. Mike Iupati- If somehow he is there at 27, GRAB HIM! Sure he had a bad Senior Bowl, but I still believe he is going to be a Pro Bowl offensive lineman for years to come
2. Mike Johnson- This guy would certify as an excellent 3rd round pick, tremendous value here
3. Mitch Petrus- We could grab this guy in round 4 if we are lucky enough, he has a lot of upside.

3 No's
1. Jon Asamoa- Do not believe he is going to be that succesful in the NFL
2. John Jerry- Not the type of OG we would want, poor footwork
3. Zane Beadles- Lazy pass blocker, something we do not need

Now the Center position is pretty solid with Andre Gurode, however do not be suprised if we draft a backup, we could use one.

3 Go's
1. Maurkice Pouncey- This is a possibility at 27, he can play OG too
2. Eric Olsen- Pretty decent size, could be a good pick in the 6th round
3. Erik Cook- Very good size, he would be a good 7th round pick or a good undrafted free agent signing

3 No's
1. J.D. Walton- Poor work ethic
2. John Estes- Pretty undersized for his position
3. Kenny Alfred- Would not be worth wasting a draft pick on him


This is a position there is a great chance we draft at considering Spears is a free agent next year, but I do not think we would draft one until after the 3rd round.

3 Go's
1. Brandon Lang- We already have one future Hall of Famer from Troy on the Roster, I am not saying Brandon Lang will live up to the legacy of Ware, but he definately has a lot of potential.
2. E.J. Wilson- Remember the last defensive end we had from North Carolina? Greg Ellis, he turned out decent for us.
3. Daniel Te'o-Nesheim- Ok I admit it, this is a homer pick for me, I should have learned my lesson too with Isaiah Stanback.

3 No's
1. Brandon Deaderick- Very slow motor
2. Lindsey Witten- Stock is rising, but the only Witten that is going to be great in this league is already on our roster
3. Kevin Basped- Does not play with consistency


This is something we are almost sure to address to either move Ratliff back to DE if something with Spears doesn't work out, or to give Ratliff a solid backup with Junior Siavii more than likely gone.

3 Go's
1. Jared Odric- He is definately worth our 27 if he is still there and our other targeted players are gone. He'd improve our depth tremendously with his ability to play DT or DE
2. Brian Price- If somehow he falls we could trade up in the 2nd round to grab him
3. Terrence Cody- If he is on the board when we pick, he is definately worth the risk

3 No's
1. Tyson Alualu- I don't believe he is the kind of NT we are looking for in Dallas.
2. Cam Thomas- I know his stock is rising, however there is just something about his tackling form that doesn't impress me.
3. Arthur Jones- Doesn't get a lot of pressure, and doesn't play with passion

This is also a position we are probably going to address, most likely an ILB, considering Brooking will be 35.

3 Go's
1. Brandon Spikes- He would be a very good player to trade up for if he is there in the 2nd round.
2. Daryl Washington- We already have one TCU linebacker here, one of them is more than likely to pan out.
3. Donald Butler- Once again I am being a homer, but really Butler can play.

3 No's
1. Pat Angerer- We wouldn't draft him until the later rounds, but I don't think he is worth a draft pick period.
2. Jamar Chaney- Poor linebacker in coverage
3. Micah Johnson- Takes to many bad angles

This is a position in which we have two Pro Bowlers in Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins, along with a solid backup in Orlando Scandrick, however with Alan Ball getting time at FS, we don't really have anything after that, we could use one to add to the roster in the later rounds.

3 Go's
1. Patrick Robinson- If somehow he falls to us in the 2nd round, we should pull the trigger
2. Kyle Wilson- Same as Robinson, unfortunately one of these guys falling is not to likely
3. Devin Ross- If we don't get Robinson or Wilson, we wouldn't draft a CB until the 6th or 7th round, and Devin Ross would be a solid pick

3 No's
1. Dominique Franks- I hope we don't waste our 2nd on this guy.
2. Devin McCourty- His stock is rising but I do not believe that he is a very good cover corner.
3. Syd'Quan Thompson- Saw this guy get beat way to many times.

Now this is a position where we absolutely have to draft, and we have to draft safety's who can cover, sorry Taylor Mays.

3 Go's
1. Earl Thomas- We would be down right stupid to pass on Thomas if he is there at 27, he is a ball hawk. Only way we pass on him is if Mike Iupati is still there, and we would draft Iupati, and go after Allen in the 2nd round.
2. Nate Allen- A very good cover safety who came from South Florida, we already know that they can turn into very good DB's, and Allen would be an excellent 2nd round pick.
3. Major Wright- some question if the reason he was succesful in college was because of Carlos Dunlap pressuring the QB and Joe Haden taking care of one side of the field. I say, does it matter? We have Ware that will be pressuring the QB, along with Newman and Jenkins doing there thing

3 No's
1. Kam Chancellor- Not a good in coverage
2. Nick Polk- Not good in run support, and we already his name rhymes with a certain kicker we want to forget about.
3. Van Eskridge- Hopefully we don't waste a 6th or 7th on this guy, he shouldn't even be projected to be drafted.

We probably won't draft a kicker, but we have in the past few seasons.

3 Go's
1. Leigh Tiffin- I guess a 7th rounder for him wouldn't be to bad, he had a good career at Alabama.
2. Hunter Lawrence- Good kicker for the Longhorns, wouldn't mind signing the guy if he doesn't get drafted.
3. Aaron Pettrey- Accurate kicker from Ohio State.

3 No's
1. Brett Swenson- Short kickers do not work well here in Dallas, ala Martin Gramatica.
2. Joshua Shene- Is not very accurate.
3. Josh Arauco- Not a very strong leg.

We are not drafting a punter, we might sign one to challenge McBriar, only to dump him to the curve before the season.

3 Go's
1. Jeremy Boone- He has a decent leg
2. Jahmal Blanchard- He was ok as far as spotting the ball on his punts of where he wanted it to land
3. Doug Spada- Comes from a small school so maybe he is better than he gets credit for.

3 No's
1. Zoltan Mesko- Only because he projected to be drafted, and we do not need to waste a pick on a punter.
2. Matt Dodge- Not a very strong leg.
3. Robert Malone- Had some issues fielding snaps.



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