WrestleMania XXVI: Should Batista vs. John Cena Go on Last?

Michael BrodyContributor IMarch 5, 2010

Welcome to the second part of my three-part series, examining which main event of WrestleMania XXVI should go on last.

I’ve already taken a look at the first; now let’s look at the second, Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship.


Why It Should Go On Last

Batista vs. John Cena is a “dream” match that has taken place only once before, at SummerSlam in 2008. Although it was an exciting bout, the buildup was a complete throwaway and the action itself felt like it was in constant climax, rendering the 14-minute encounter more of a teaser than a payoff.

Like The Rock vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was to the Attitude Era, Batista vs. Cena is an epic clash between the two biggest stars of the post-Attitude Era (as Batista noted in an amazing promo on this past Monday’s RAW).

Since July, Cena has won and lost the WWE Championship on three separate occasions, most recently at Elimination Chamber, only to lose it again minutes later to Batista. Cena challenging for the title again at WrestleMania presents an opportunity at a legitimate title reign.

At the same time, Batista’s hunt for a world title has been a long one. First, he won the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules last June, and was forced to vacate two days later due to an injury.

Upon returning to SmackDown!, he came up short in a World Heavyweight Championship match at Bragging Rights in October, which led to a monster heel turn, yet still couldn’t regain the title. This is also an opportunity at a legitimate title reign.

Batista needs the high-profile WrestleMania victory that he hasn’t had since 2005. Cena needs to beat Batista (something he has never done) to solidify his role as the “poster boy” of the WWE.

Both men need the victory over the other, and that makes for a truly suspenseful main event.


Why It Shouldn’t Go On Last

Remember when challenging for a world title at WrestleMania was the culmination of a long journey? I do.

But last year, John Cena became the first competitor at WrestleMania to win back a world title that he had lost the pay-per-view before it. There was no chase, no struggle that made the moment worth the wait, because there was no wait.

It was just another title change.

It wasn’t compelling then, and it wouldn’t be now. Cena not only once again lost a world title at the pay-per-view before WrestleMania; he had just won it minutes earlier.

Here’s the problem: he also won the title in October and September, both times losing it just a few weeks later. Cena losing a world title five times in the last year makes it hard to care about the prospect of him winning it again.


Bottom Line

It probably won’t steal the show, but it’s a “dream” pairing, the storyline is white-hot, and these two could put on an entertaining match. If they’re ever going to go on last, this would be the show to do it. Batista vs. John Cena was destined to main event WrestleMania.


Do you think Batista vs. John Cena should go on last at WrestleMania XXVI? Let me know.

Next time I’ll discuss the “Streak vs. Career” match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.