College Football: The Top-Five Uniforms

Stephen BlackAnalyst IJuly 7, 2008

5. Notre Dame. Certain things just scream "college football." One of them is the blue and gold of Notre Dame. Love' em or hate 'em, college football fans have to admit that when they see gold helmets and blue jerseys, they think about the Gipper, Rudy, Touchdown Jesus and Knute Rockne.

The traditional blue jerseys and gold pants are classic, but the green jerseys that ND pulls out for special occasions are, well, special.

4. Alabama. Another classic uniform from one of college football's greatest programs, Alabama's digs are simple and refreshing. In an age where swooshes and odd designs seem to be taking over, a simple crimson jersey with white pants stands out among the rest.

A college football fan can sit back and watch a game at Bryant-Denny Stadium and reminisce about what it must have been like in the '60s when Bear Bryant patrolled the sidelines and Forrest Gump ran wild.  Okay, maybe it was just a movie, but didn't Tom Hanks look fast in that uniform?

3. UCLA. Can a school from Los Angeles pick a better color set than light blue and gold? In a place where sunny days and cloudless skies are as normal as celebrity sightings, UCLA's football uniforms represent their hometown as well as any uniform in sports.

However, the '80s jerseys with less black outline are preferable to the present-day jerseys that feature quite a bit too much of it.

2. Texas. The people at the University of Texas certainly "hooked" it when they designed their football uniforms. The burnt orange jerseys match the hue of their mascot Bevo's fur and the simple, yet unmistakable, helmets add a classy touch to a great football uniform.

The home uniforms are nearly perfect, but the road uniforms feature too much white. The Texas players look like people stuck inside of marshmallows when they are dressed in their road digs.

1. USC. College football's best uniforms reside in Los Angeles. Pete Carroll not only brought first class coaching skills to Troy, he also brought some great ideas for uniforms.

USC altered their jerseys in 2001 to include just two yellow stripes around the player's shoulders, along with the player's number on the front and back. This simple change made USC the best looking college football squad out there.

Even on the road, the Trojans stand out as a classy, yet intimidating squad that simply looks like they are the best. And Carroll's teams have been just that since he began his career in L.A.