Breaking News: RVD OFFICIALLY Signs With TNA; Reports Say He's Not Alone?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2010

As the shocking news broke Thursday during a press release news blitz TNA did for the March 8 Monday Night move, Hulk Hogan informed that TNA signed a brand new,exciting acquisition earlier in the following evening.

The new talent signed was none other than "Mr.Monday Night" Rob Van Dam. This went from indication to complete confirmation, as Hulk Hogan did Van Dam's signature thumb taunt.

Following the press release SpikeTV officially announced that Rob Van Dam has indeed signed with TNA Wrestling on it's official Twitter account (which TNA was NOT happy about).

After months of rumors,reports,and speculation it's official that Rob Van Dam has in fact signed with TNA Wrestling,and will make his debut on March 8 for TNA's historic move to Monday nights. But with RVD joining TNA, rumor has it he won't debut for the promotion alone.

Back in February, Hulk Hogan called into to Rob Van Dam's radio show RVD Radio,and offered him a spot to join TNA,to which Rob Van Dam responded by saying "sounds good I'd like it if Sabu joined with me" or something along those lines.

Sabu stated that he'd be more than happy to re-sign with TNA, if Van Dam joined. It's unknown at the moment if RVD will debut a tag team with Sabu on March 8,but it's certainly expected to happen.

Another big name that may join TNA on March 8th,alongside RVD & Sabu is Paul Heyman. TNA & Paul Heyman were in fact in talks about Heyman joining the promotion around Summer of 2009, before Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff signed with them, after Hogan/Bischoff came in it's unknown as to what happened to the TNA/Heyman talks,but Heyman probably felt he wasn't needed in TNA with Hogan & Bischoff in the promotion,which may have caused talks to die down.

TNA has three Stars that Heyman has major support for. These 3 Stars are RVD,Ken Anderson,and Samoa Joe. Heyman has stated on his Twitter account,that he does in fact have interest in TNA, and even went as far as saying he'd sign if the Hogan/Bischoff Era fares well for TNA.

However the chances of Heyman appearing on March 8 are still slim to none,but the chances of Sabu showing up with RVD are high to almost guaranteed.

In addition to TNA signing Rob Van Dam,and possibly Sabu and Paul Heyman reports say that other names have signed with TNA,and will debut on March 8,or sometime afterwards. Though no word has been given if these are big names or not.

Eric Bischoff confirmed that TNA has signed some stars from Mexico on his official FaceBook account,when a fan asked if TNA would sign them to help the X-Division, Bischoff responded by saying "stay tuned within the coming weeks."

Again no names have been given as to who TNA has signed,but with TNA's new partnership with AAA, as well as TNA making Mach-1 Wrestling it's official training school, as well as coming to a talent exchange program with the promotion, it shouldn't be too long before we see new faces on the Roster, as TNA is trimming the fat,with the recent releases of Traci Brooks, Sean Morely, and Roxxi.