Fiorentina-Juventus Outrageously Biased Player Ratings

Marco F. C.Contributor IMarch 6, 2010

FLORENCE, ITALY - MARCH 06: Fans of ACF Fiorentina support their team during the Serie A match between at ACF Fiorentina and Juventus FC at Stadio Artemio Franchi on March 6, 2010 in Florence, Italy.  (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fiorentina-Juventus 1-2 (2' Diego; 32' Marchionni; 68' Grosso)

Juventus took an undeserved win at the Artemio Franchi after a trademark Stile Juve performance from referee Damato. Diego scored the early opener from an offside position, while Candreva, Sissoko, and Melo combined for 1658 fouls without seeing a card. During the final minutes Chiellini body-checked Keirrison while also trying to choke him inside the penalty area, but Damato didn't seem to care. The Bianconeri are now closer to the fourth spot, which also means a spot for the next Champions League, and I have this strange feeling they will eventually get it. Whatever it may take.


FIORENTINA (4-2-3-1)

Frey 9.5: Looked super stylish in his bright green pendant of shirt-gloves-boots. Usual cool hairstyle, and the usual great saves that make him the best keeper in Serie A.

Comotto 8.5: Good game from the underrated right back. If Juventus had bought him, he would be automatic first choice for Lippi and the Italian national team. 79' De Silvestri

Natali 8: Another solid performance from the towering defender. Funny that Fiorentina's fourth choice centre back is looking much better than a certain Italy captain (not) playing in the same position. Well, maybe not so funny.

Felipe 8: Brazilian. Classy. Lefty. Love him!

Gobbi 8.5: Looked great on the left flank, and the fans are loving him despite that disturbing surname.

Zanetti 7.5: The Professor got his first start after a long injury, and had a fair game. 72' Keirrison 8: Brazilian. Clinical. Young. Love him!

Montolivo 9.5: The captain once regarded as a talented though inconsistent youngster has finally developed into one of the finest midfielders in the league. Well done, Monto.

Marchionni 9.5: Scored a fantastic goal, and dominated the right wing for the whole game. Probably won't be part of the Italian squad for South Africa, though it would be hard for anyone to name a better Italian winger.

Jovetic 7.5: A difficult match for a fantasista like him, but Jojo worked hard between the lines and played some clever balls.

Vargas 8: El Loco played despite carrying an injury and had a good game on the left wing, putting in a number of nice crosses. 57' Bolatti 8: Argentinian. Imposing. Smooth. Love him!

Gilardino 7: Missed an open chance, and I mean really, really open. But hey, it's Gila and guess what, we love him!

JUVENTUS (call 9-1-1)

Manninger 5: In the last few years he has become a pedestrian goalkeeper, and started balding, too. That's what happens when you leave Fiorentina.

Zebina 2.5: No wait, Zebina? Is he still playing football? Are you serious? Can't even foul his opponents anymore. Embarrassing, really.

Legrottaglie 4: Oh well, I guess at least he's better than Cannavaro.

Chiellini 4.5: Balding, too. Now tell me that's a coincidence!

De Ceglie: I really have no time for De Ceglie right now. 46' Grosso 4: Scored the lucky winner, but he's still one of the worst left-backs in Serie A. Only got in because the anonymous De Ceglie picked up an injury.

Marchisio 6 -: Probably the only Juventus player really deserving to be part of Italy right now.

Sissoko 5: Overrated like most African players from the Premier League. 76' Poulsen 4: A player that truly personifies the legendary Stile Juve.

Felipe Melo 10: And thank you for going to Juventus.

Candreva 9: Playing for Juventus and the national team, despite being an average Serie B midfielder. I guess you have to respect that.

Diego 5.5: His goal was clearly offside, but it was a nice one.

Trezeguet 2004: That's the year he actually stopped being an effective striker. 72' Iaquinta 4.5: Came back from a long injury just in time to undeservedly claim a spot for the World Cup. 


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