Alabama and Saban Back At White House As No. 1 Guest

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2010

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, FL) The plane landed, the players were twittering, and the White House was preparing for yet another visit by a No. 1 team this morning. Obama has used opportunities like this as a way to incorporate community service, so a group of local school children were gathered up to receive some mentoring.

The Tide brought with them a number 13 helmet (to symbolize the 13th championship), a signed championship football, and the obligatory number one jersey with the president's name on it as gifts for the commander in chief.

The team met first with the kids and Javier Arenas told them that "the sky was the limit" to what they could accomplish themselves with hard work.

Then came President Obama who gave a jovial "Roll Tide" and a short speech before taking the time to shake hands, receive the gifts, and small talk with some of the players.

This is not the first time the Tide has visited the White House, or the first time for Saban. But the last time he was there, he shared the spotlight with his LSU Tigers along with USC. This time it was all Alabama.

The team were all in suits and ties and unlike previous visits, not matching ties and jackets.

The players and the President both seemed to enjoy the small talk and there was laughter and jokes as well, but it was over all to soon.

The team will visit other sites in Washington D.C. before coming back and for many of the departing seniors, this will be their last time together with "their team".