New York Rangers Season Is Over

Metro HockeyCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2010

Dear New York Rangers Fans,

With another listless and embarrassing loss tonight, at the hands of the New Jersey Devils, I think it is safe to say that the season is over for the Rangers and that there will be no playoffs come April. The Rangers desperately needed the win tonight over their arch rivals. They had lost three in a row and needed to find a spark and some energy. Tonight, the Rangers, yet again, leave their fans at a loss for words. Tonight, players like Brandon Prust and Erik Christensen outplayed the stars like Prospal and Gaborik. Lundqvist was absolutely brutal and the defense was like a sieve.

The Rangers must look to the very bleak future, and pray they can be bad enough for a good draft pick. It is that sad time when it is time to root for the Rangers to lose and teams like the Hurricanes, Islanders, and Maple Leafs to keep on winning.

There is so much wrong with this Rangers team that it cannot all be covered in just one article. I don't know where to begin. I was never on the Fire Sather bandwagon, and I'm still not--under one condition, and that is everyone going. Sather and the entire front office need to go, as does the coaching staff. The entire crop of personnel should also be shopped this summer. Girardi has to walk when the season ends. Words can not describe now atrocious he has played. I would say the same for Gilroy as well, and would not renew his contract. As for Wade Redden, does it even need to be said?

I would also hope that the Rangers seriously contemplate trading Gaborik and Lundqvist, more so the former than the latter, but both could fetch a very exciting return. Fans will not like it, but can you imagine what could be had for players of that caliber?

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