Colts and Darren Sharper Need To Make a Deal In an Uncapped Year

charles kellettContributor IMarch 11, 2010

The Colts need this guy.  Sanders is always hurt and he is short.  Sanders needs to go and the Colts need to snatch this guy up.

With the uncapped year given as a blessing for a team that is against the roof, get this guy.  9 picks in 2009.  He has the stature and the closing speed where the Colts have been a little lacking.  The Colts were down in their INT numbers and this guy could change that--quickly.

The Saints are not giving this guy "the love" that he deserves, and if they don't come through,  get him.  The Colts have "the love" to give.

The Colts have let Jackson go.  Bethea is in question.  It is a deep draft for db, but Sharper has proven himself a player, and the Saints are leaving him to the wolves.  Sharper did have a surgery on a knee but they can take a look at that before signing.

Polian must at least give this deal a look.  Sharper would shut down one side of the field.  That is what the Colts have missed.  Peyton should not have to comeback and win almost half the games in the fourth quarter.

Sharper could be what they need to take that pressure off the offence.  With this guy the Colts might go for the perfect season.