College Football's Best Helmets

Stephen BlackAnalyst IJuly 9, 2008

This is just one fan's opinion on the best helmets in college football.  Tradition, distinctiveness, originality, and basically how cool they look are the basic criteria of how the helmets were chosen.


Air Force: You have to respect the blue lighting bolt.  Very cool and unique.  With these dynamic looking helmets, it is a wonder the Falcons don't score on every offensive drive.


Alabama: Anyone familiar with college football knows who is playing when the famous numbered helmets of the Crimson Tide appear on the gridiron.  This is one of the more distinct, yet tasteful designs in the nation.


Arizona State: The smiling, mustached devil face peering out of what looks like a maroon cat suit is one of the more amusing team logos in sports.  Complete with a pitchfork and pointed tail, ASU certainly forgot nothing with their version of a what a sun devil should look like.


Miami: The school now known simply as "The U" can thank this famous helmet for their suddenly well-known abbreviation.  Seeing the white helmets with the orange and green "U" implanted on them takes fans back to when Michael Irvin, Bernie Kosar, Ray Lewis, and Russell Maryland stormed the college football ranks in the '80s and early '90s. 


Texas: Simple, cool, classic. You just cannot beat the Longhorn silhouette on a solid white helmet.