A Fan Of The Company Or A Mark: Where Do You Draw The Line

The PhantomCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

First off this article is not directed towards any one on Bleacher Report in particular, I am just citing things that I have seen or read online from several different sites, mostly on Youtube.

Before I begin I will state that the word mark gets a bit over use by every one, myself included, and in some cases the word has lost its meaning.

As fans we all have different opinions on what we feel is a good product and what we feel is bad.

But unlike in any sport, being a 100 percent loyal to one particular wrestling company or wrestler is perceived as being bad and for some die hard loyal fans they get bumped into a group no fan wants to be called: A MARK.

My question is where do we draw the line? What is the difference between the two? When does being a die hard supporter turns into being a complete nut that will never see the other side?

Since TNA has announce that they will be competing on Mondays from here on out, every one in the IWC has commented on their opinions of the move.

For the most part people have voice their thoughts in a decent manner, however a small contingent have set Youtube and BR alike on fire with complete dislike for one product or the other.

First off there is nothing wrong with being uninterested in TNA or WWE. For some TNA will never ever match the WWE. Others say TNA can turn it around and compete with WWE if given the time.

The thing we must all remember is that we are all fans and of course will never all like the same thing. There never has and never will be the perfect product to attract us all.

Even if there was we would still want another company to rise and compete with it, that’s just human nature.

The perfect example of lines drawn in the sand is Matt Hardy and how I, along with many others feel he should be a World Champion in the WWE by now. While some feel he should forever remain a mid card contender. But that is argument for a different day.

The problem many people have, is when dislike or difference of opinions turn into complete ignorance or lack of understanding the other side.  

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