New Nationals' Stadium Posting Sorry Early Returns

Michael PopeAnalyst IJuly 9, 2008

What happened to the power surge that was supposed to materialize with the Nationals switching ballparks?

Through 91 games, the Nationals have the third-lowest homer total with 65, just 28 at home.

Ryan Zimmerman, who hasn't played in over a month, leads the team with eight long balls. Sure, he and the rest of the middle of the order hitters have all missed significant time, but it's hard to gauge how this ballpark plays.

Hitters who have amassed significant home run totals in the past have turned in abysmal power seasons so far.

Felipe Lopez and Wily Mo Pena have two taters each. Austin Kearns, who it seemed might benefit most from the switch, has three.

Is it the ballpark, or are the players just bad? It's hard to tell, and it will be at least another season before we see how the Nationals' stadium plays.