Why The Paquiao-Maywethear Fight Should Happen Late This Year 2010

dragonslayerGHCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2010

Why should the so elusive Manny Paquiao versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight happen late this year 2010?

There are many compelling reasons, but foremost of which are the following, thus:

       1. Both MP and PBF are not getting any younger. PBF particularly went into self  retirement, but seeing the rising star of MP, he made a come back. He just can not allow MP to be the bigger name in boxing at this time, and, for the Decade for that matter. Pride drives the man. It shall always be his "boxing compass."

       2. And also with MP. "Pride of the Filipino Race" is etched in his mind. So much so that his name MP is a bigger than life itself. Believe me. Many people are motivated by money, in fact almost all people are. But elite boxers, where these two fighters belong, are not motivated by money alone.

They are by far motivated by the pride they take of their enduring legacy. That is " Self Actualization" as explained by the social scientists Macgregor and Maslow.

       3. MP's Contract with Bob Arum is due to expire in the middle of this year. Thus, this shall be an opportunity for MP to earn more so as he could give more to his constituents when he wins a seat in Philippine Congress in this year's May election.

       4. The Welterweight category shall have run out of worthy challengers when the Cottos, Clotteys, and Mosleys are done with. Margarito is not a worthy opponent and Paul Williams is just too big for either boxer, MP or PBF. Besides, he just suffered a shocking lost lately.

However, could the likes of Humberto Sotto step up and invade the welterweight category? I doubt the latter could take place at this time.

       5. MP's mother is begging his son MP to retire from boxing. And MP being an obedient son, would most likely heed his mother's advise by next year.

Thus, the MP versus PBF fight should happen late this year or it is most likely that it will not happen at all.