Video Technology Must Wait Another Year, According to Sepp Blatter

Andrew GaleaContributor IMarch 17, 2010

  Fifa has been under the gun to sincerely release a green light to appoint the answer yes for video technology for years.  Fifa has decided to prolong the decision for another year. 

  The IFAB meets once a year, usually in February or March, to consider proposals to amend the Laws. Altering the rules of football is a complex process but essentially it comes down to eight people.  The meeting will be remember for what it did not do instead of what it should of done.

  We all know of how France put themselves into the World Cup for this summer in South Africa.  The apologies of Fifa were just not right, as video replay could of turned around a crucial decision.  Apologies are unacceptable at this stage, which therefore the Irish dream's were crushed of a cheating goal back in the qualification playoff round or Europe.

 It shouldn't be taking this length of time to enforce the video replay technology into the game of football.  At a world wide sporting event, watched by millions, to have a dramatic match end in any type of wrong fashion would be embarrassing to the sport. Fifa should feel ashamed for not implementing video technology sooner.

  There has been speculation that video replay would interrupt in the flow of the game. In his latest Presidential article on the FIFA website Blatter voices his concerns: "If play were to be stopped to take a decision, it would break up the rhythm of the game and possibly deny a team the opportunity to score a goal." 

  If there was some common thought put into this project, one would think to go to video replay at a dead ball play.  A throw-in, goal kick or right after the goal that did cross the line was disallow to head on over for the video replay for assistance. 

  This is not just also about goal scoring or cheating, they can use this technology for offside calls.  Just recently in Champions League, BayernMunich forward was beyond offside and scored a game winning goal in the 1st leg against ACF Fiorentina.  That is just an example of what can happen at the World Cup in South Africa.

  Fifa profits an extraordinary amounts of money on its events.  It should not be about the money which Fifa claims it isn't.  If they promote on doing right then they shouldn't promote cheating or unacceptable mistakes.

 It just isnt fair to have a ref so far away from the goal or his assistance's to not get the call right on tournaments where jobs are at stake. At this stage of the game Machine is far more correct then a eye of human being who is 50 yards away from the play that determined a win or a loss. 

  Mr. Blatter points out "Fans love to debate any given incident in a game. It is part of the human nature of our sport." Absolutely, Mr. President - except when it's just plain wrong. 


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