Juventus on the edge of losing its Supporters

Andrew GaleaContributor IMarch 19, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 18: Referee Bjorn Kuipers shows the red card to Jonathan Zebina of Juventus during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 second leg match between Fulham and Juventus at Craven Cottage on March 18, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
Phil Cole/Getty Images

  The expectations for the Juventus organization and supporters haven't been spectacular in this years season.  Since the sacking of Ciro Ferrara back in January, not much as changed.  After signing the likes of Diego and Felipe Melo, Juventus had high hopes to do well in Serie A and Champions League. 

 Juventus failed to qualify to the round of 16 in the Champions League Tournament. The clubs heads went straight into the ground and failed to advance against Fullham in the round of 16 in a 4-1 defeat in Europa leauge.  The defeat was a very well poor one where you can describe it as the season takes yet another nosedive into humiliation.   

  The club are in desperate times sitting fifth place in the Italian Serie A League Table.   Supporters will not see Juventus in next Champions League the current season ends in tragic.  Juventus coach Alberto Zaccheroni needs to find some hope in his players and stress the season isn't over. 

  Italian Serie A needs to be the main stress to qualify for a spot into next year Champions League.  This could potentially attract some good footballers to sign with the club in the off season.

  There was a crucial incident that took place at the Craven Cottage in England between the supporters and players such as Jonathan Zebina and Felipe Melo after the Europa League match on March 18,2010."I was insulted by about 30 hooligans and racists,'' he said. "Some came right to England, travelling thousands of kilometres to insult us. They started to insult both me and Felipe Melo right from the warm-up and I'm fed up with this situation." 

  Relations between the club and its fans are at an all-time low following a dismal season.  The president needs to look at the situation much closer to think about how to improve the club for next season and to strengthen the relationship with the fans. 

  Only time will tell when next September comes.  Teams should consider Juventus to  look stronger by next year.  A high caliber club will come with character despite a disappointing year and all the criticism it has received.