An Idea For a WWE Storyline

Brian WoodsContributor IIMarch 22, 2010

Alright this is a stupid storyline that I have been thinking about for a while. It involves Chirs Jericho, Edge, and someone that plays the drums.

After losing the World title at Wrestlemania, Jericho blames the loss on not being focussed enough on wrestling, thus "leaving" his band Fozzy.

About 2 or 3 months later Jericho still without Fozzy passes the locker room and hears a guitar. After hearing it he realizes that he misses playing music, and goes to see who's playing.

When he walks into the locker room he sees that the person that's playng is Edge. By then Edge has lost the title, or his feud with Christian is over. (assuming that he has one,)

Jericho and Edge reconcile, then decide to join together to make a band, where Jericho will be lead singer/ bass, and Edge will be lead guitar.

With Jericho turning back to the Jericho of old, the comedy act.(and of course the long hair.)

During a jam session, Edge, Realizes that they need to have a drummer in this new group, so they hold open auditions to anyone in the WWE.

They go through many auditions until they finally find the right drummer that they've been looking for. This could be funny or really stupid, depends how well they do it.

The drummer that they find, not only forms a band, but form a faction. Both which are called, The Ayatolla's of Rock n Rolla.

They go on to be a good faction, with backstage shots of them at "band practice". They win the tag team championships and one of them win the world championship.

The winner of the world championship unknowingly has created friction between the group members by winning. Although they all just suck it up and continue with the faction, with little to no inciling towards the friction.

The winner of the world championship, who I would say would be Jericho, starts to get full of himself, and starts to show up to band practice late, etc.

Edge asks where Jericho has been, because practice started hours before, you know classic band turmoil.

Jericho insists that he dosen't need the Ayatolla's because he could go back to Fozzy at any time. The next week they apologize to eachother, and things cool down.

Soon after though Edge and the drummer, wind up losing the tag team championships, Jericho now upset about the wrestling aspect of the faction, gets angry storms away form ringside.

Edge and the drummer catch up to Jericho backstage and asks him what his deal is. Jericho says this band has been holding him back from making music superstardom.

Because he has to sing, play bass, and anchor the wrestling group of it as well. Of course Edge not taking to kindly to this attacks Jericho.

Which winds up with Edge vs Jericho for the World Title, with the drummer as the guest refferee.

Edge wins he proves that the faction wasn't anchored by Jericho, Jericho wins he proves that he was the straw that stirred the drink.

I'm not sure who wins but it seems like a fun idea, or a giant bust that could result in epic failure.

As you can see I couldn't think of any WWE personal that plays the drums, if you do then insert his or her name in where you read drummer.

What do you think is this a good, funny storyline or stupid.