Greatest All-World MMA Team Roster Ever

Matt MelbyeCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2010

I am a huge fan of MMA and Hockey, so what I have done is put together a roster of the greatest MMA fighters in history in a hockey style lineup. It has nothing to do with how good these guys actually are in hockey it is just for fun. And no, Kimbo didn't make it. Sorry!

Think of it like an all century team in baseball or something. Since there are no teams with specified positions in MMA besides training teams, I chose hockey to be the template.

I will treat each fighter that makes the team like a player with giving him a position, number, and line assignment. The number has absolutely nothing to do with ranking them.

Most of the guys that make this team are considered the greatest ever by many. But I am not making a hall of fame here, some are just favorites of mine. I had a list of about 50 guys I considered and it was hard to narrow that down to 23. A lot of great fighters were left out.

Here we go.

#2 Georges St. Pierre - Top line Center, star player. He is comparable to Pavel Datsyuk by being such a great 2 way player. He has no weaknesses in his game on offense or defense.

#3 Tito Ortiz - Fourth Line Left Wing, grinder. He is the great instigator of the team. He likes to talk a lot of trash and get under the skin of opposing players. The Matt Cooke of the team.

#4 B.J. Penn - Top line Right Wing, playmaker. B.J. is a great athletic talent. He makes things happen like a Martin St. Louis.

#6 Wanderlei Silva - Second line Left Wing, Sniper. Electric player, always pushing the pace. If you are losing and need a quick strike this is your guy. He is the point getter like Ilya Kovalchuk.

#7 Anderson Silva - Second line Center, Sniper. His precision and accuracy is second to none. When he is on his game he is unstoppable. He brings the excitement similar to Evegeni Malkin.

#8 Mauricio Rua - Second line Right Wing, playmaker. Rua is like Dany Heatley in that he is always considered a top guy in the league but not "the" top guy.

#11 Vitor Belfort - Third line Defense, shooter. This guy unleashes powerful shots that are feared by many. Like Dion Phaneuf he likes to show off that power.

#12 Matt Hughes - Third line Right Wing, power forward. Heart of a champion that doesn't back down from anyone. He is clutch and motivates his team like a Max Talbot.

#14 Lyoto Machida - Top line Left Wing, playmaker. He is a true student of the game. Always is in the right position and is dangerous from anywhere. His mission is to be the best of all time. Sidney Crosby.

#15 Jeremy Horn - Scratched Defense, defensive. Jeremy loves the sport and will probably being playing forever. He is respected by all. Who will retire first; Jeremy Horn or Chris Chelios.


#17 Mirko Cro Cop - Top line Defense, Shooter. When he loads up to release a bomb you better be ready. It's Sheldon Souray type of power.

#19 Rich Franklin - Third line Left Wing, power forward. Rich is that guy we all want to be. Talented, good looking, and great personality. But his performance has been declining slightly. A perfect comparison would be Vincent LeCavalier.

#20 Randy Couture - Third line Center, power forward. "Captain America" is a winner that is loved by many. Mike Modano was also the captain of team USA and would be like Randy in that aspect.

#21 Quinton Jackson - Scratch Right Wing, enforcer. When emotions run high get this guy out there to take care of it. He is the Georges Laraque of the team.

#23 Mark Coleman - Second line Defense, enforcer. One of the bash brothers from Hammerhouse, Mark takes crap from no one. He will dish out the hits similar to Stephane Robidas.

#24 Chuck Liddell - Fourth line Center, sniper. Offensive minded but stays alert defensively. He may seem one dimensional but really he is just offensively aggressive because of his confidence that he won't get caught. Henrik Zetterberg.

#25 Ken Shamrock - Third line Defense, defensive. Ken is a physical specimen. People get scared just looking at him. The opposition fears him the same way they feared Scott Stevens.

#26 Fedor Emelianenko - Top line Defense, star player. Fedor is the all around package. No one knows how to stop him. This is your Nicklas Lidstrom. He is a champion, extremely smart, composed, poised, and very clutch.

#29 Dan Henderson - Back up Goalie, stand up. Dan is a great representation of team USA the same way Ryan Miller was.

#31 Royce Gracie - Starting Goalie, butterfly. Royce is a legend of the sport. He single handily redefined it. Martin Brodeur.

#39 Igor Vovchanchyn - Scratched Defense, defensive. "The Ice Cold Ukraine Freight Train" enough said. Alexei Ponikarovsky.

#44 Kevin Randleman - Second line Defense, enforcer. The other bash brother from Hammerhouse. Randleman possesses strength unlike any other. His motor runs at 10 thousand rpm. Donald Brashear.

#92 Duane Ludwig - Fourth line Right Wing, sniper. World class offensive ability. Defense is not good. He has moves like Rob Schremp.

Head Coach: Bas Rutten

Assistant Coaches: Pat Miletich, Renzo Gracie

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed the team!