Brandon Marshall. Yes or No?

Chris MarshallContributor IMarch 24, 2010


   Brandon Marshall is on the block. Seattle has even gone so far as to fly him in to visit the facilities. They say they are unwilling to sign him to a tender because they don't want to give up the #6 overall pick in this years draft.  So they are negotiating a trade for him. All I know is that he is a top 5 receiver and is to good of a player to pass up. Sure he has some off field problems, but he can change many others have.  And the chance to team him up with T.J. Houshmandzedah and John Carlson as well as Deion Butler a young stud. And Matt returning healthy should prove a help. I say the 6th overall is worth it. If not a trade should be quicker than this. Give up the 2nd rounder a 3rd or 4th and a player. I know Rob Simms has been mentioned. And we get Marshall extend him and another draft pick maybe a 4th or 5th.  Or even up a 2nd or 3rd pick next year. If we can keep those 2 first rounders great we take Eric Berry at 6 and C.J. Spiller at 14. Then look and O-line later on in he draft because you can't pass on those 2 guys. And if we have to trade that number 6 pick thats fine. But we need to pull the trigger on this soon before another team like the Jets does. And thats the last thing anyone needs is a top receiver joining that team. Lets tell everyone one in the seahawks office to stop messing around and get him. He may be the player to get us back on top of the division.