Heres To You Mr. Robinson

Joel FuceContributor IMarch 25, 2010

As Spring Training comes to a close, the games begin to be televised daily. I find myself watching every afternoon while avoiding work and chores at all costs.There is something I find interesting about every at bat, every pitcher change, and every pan of the field.

Every player is of a different color, creed, background, race, region, or whatever else you want to call it. Despite recent remarks from various African Americans towards Latinos, it is plain to see that the work of the great Jackie Robinson has come full circle in a modern world.

Mr. Robinson, you began playing in the most progressive city of the time to more animosity and hate than could have been predicted. As the ball was halfway to the plate, in a strike zone twice as big as today's, and natural arms that had not seen the effects of modern performance enhancement. You made a conscious decision to not just be a pioneer, and as the ball left the bat, headed 410 feet, you decided to be more.

A legend.

Today there is only one player who still wears the great number 42, and is the only person who actually deserves to wear it. A man who is a modern pioneer in the role of the closer, and man who respects and loves the work done by you Mr. Robinson.

Across the United States, from inner city baseball to county wide little leagues, the effects are felt. Whether a player is defecting for his chance or turning down a dream of being a wide receiver to take the mound. Whether a player is traveling from the Far East or coming from the Middle East just learning how to use a round bat. Everyone who plays here now has an equal chance.

As we watch a player strike out a hitter, hit a ball into the gap, or turn a double play, we no longer look at the players skin color or the background, just the amazing work of a baseball player.

Thank you Jackie Robinson