Is C.M. Punks Heel Gimmick Making Kids Do MORE Drugs?

Brian WoodsContributor IIMarch 25, 2010

To start off I would like to start off by saying that alot of you probably disagree with what you're about to read.

 I just wanted to write this as it might be an interesting backlash to the C.M. Punk character that he portrays now.

As of late C.M. Punk has been doing the Straight Edge Society gimmick, which tells people to stay away from drugs.

Which is the right message to be telling our kids, but  a heel saying stay away from doing drugs and drinking alchohal, might that make kids do it more.

As he is a heel and they will do opposite of what he says. Let's face it kids don't really go for heels, and they're not really supposed to.

Kids like the good guys, the babyfaces, like Rey Mysterio. Not only is Punk a heel and telling kids not to do drugs, but he's going after one of the most kid friendly superstars in the WWE.

Kids will see Punk going after Mysterio and say, I don't want to be like C.M. Punk maybe if I do drugs I can be better than him. Don't get me wrong I think that it's a great gimmick seeing that almost everyone does at least drink (I don't but whatever).

Whenever Punk comes out, doesn't it bother you how he says he's better than you because he dosen't put any bad or illegal substances into his body.

While you're at home or sitting in the stands drinking an alcoholic beverage, don't you just want to throw that drink right into his face.

Well kids can't differentiate on real and storyline, so they might not act in that manner, they might go the extreme route, and drink alcohol or do some drugs just to stick it Punk.
Is this idea of kids doing drugs because C.M. Punk does it, yeah a little. But you have look at it this way.

Not to long ago a kid died after trying to emmulate Jeff Hardys Swanton Bomb off the roof of his house, with a parachute.

If a kid is wiling to say, Jeff Hardy's swanton bomb is cool, I'm going to do it off a two story building, because I want to be extreme like Jeff Hardy. Won't he be willing to not do what a heel does, i.e drugs or alcahol.

Look all I'm saying is kids are impressionable, they will think that just because someone on t.v. does it, or dosen't do it, that they should or shouldn't do it too.

Alright, to end this with a littles side thought, C.M, Punk vs Rey Mysterio, don't you think that it should have been a hair vs mask match.

I mean Punks got alot of hair, Mysterio obviously has a mask. They could have worked with that. I can't remember if they actually did do this.

But, they could have Punk say that Rey was just hidding behind his mask, to cover up all his addictions or something. I know that he called him a coward living behind a mask, but he could have tied drugs into it as well.

Seeing that Mysterio was listed on that list of wrestlers using steroids, and other drugs.

Okay I'm just rambling now, what do think please leave your comments.(even if they arn't that flattering, which is the feeling I'm getting that, that is the direction it's going to go.)