Undertaker Vs. Triple H: A Possibility?

Rashonda RoseCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2010

As everyone is probably aware of, Shawn Michaels is retired now.  I think this is a major loss to the WWE because Shawn was one of the last true main eventers with the charisma and skill to headline Wrestlemania's.  But now that he's gone, what is the next step?  Who's left to end the streak:  Triple H.  Triple H has been around a long time and has developed a good character that the fans love.  If anyone in the company can end the streak and retire the Undertaker, it's Triple H.  Alot of people will say, "Why doesn't the Undertaker put over a younger talent?  My answer to that is that I don't think anyone currently in the WWE is capable of carrying that title (the one who ended the Undertaker's streak), but Triple H.  Love him or hate him, he is very talented and gets a huge crowd reaction. 

Here is how it could play out.  Triple H cuts a promo about how Shawn should've won the match and Undertaker should have to put his streak and career on the line at Wrestlemania.  He says that he not only wants to end the streak, he wants to retire the Undertaker!  The Undertaker accepts the challenge at Wrestlemania next year.  Triple H defeats the Undertaker and the Undertaker finally retires.  After seeing how beat up the Undertaker has been in his matches, especially Wrestlemania this year, I think it is about time for the Undertaker to retire.  Time will tell what direction the WWE takes with the Undertaker/streak storyline.  Let me know what you think.