Jack Swagger: Will He Rise To Wrestling Fame?

Ellixs TulaganContributor IMarch 29, 2010

Jack Swagger. The All-American American.

This was the biggest surprise at Wrestlemania 26. He beat the favorites in Drew McIntyre and Christian. So the question is, will Swagger rise to fame?

Swagger showed maturity in the match, and won by knocking off Christian off the ladder. Swagger's only been in the WWE for two years, but when he entered the WWE, he looked like the next Kurt Angle. And now that he's won, that just may be the case.

Some of you say that Swagger will not accomplish anything and he can't carry a brand, no less a title.

But that is untrue.

Remember ECW?

Yes, he is a one-time ECW champion if you didn't know and held the championship for 104 consecutive days before losing it to Christian. He made two attempts at the title but didn't win in both chances. He was then traded to the Raw brand.

He debuted against then WWE Champion Randy Orton in a gauntlet match but counted himself out to impress Orton. He then began his first feud on Raw against M.V.P. and began pursuing the U.S. Championship.

Swagger qualified for the MITB against Santino which certainly everybody expect to win.

Why would you have the fastest to-go downhill superstars in the WWE in the biggest ladder match of the year?

Swagger won the qualifying match, but almost everybody didn't expect him to win, including me.

Many had already penciled in Christian or Drew McIntyre as the winner.

Remember he can cash it in for up to a year, but remember WWE has an upcoming PPV appropriately titled Money In The Bank.

So will Swagger not have a chance to cash it in and lost the briefcase to someone else?

That sounds just like the case. This may be just the WWE setting the All-American American to lose it in a couple months.

Or does this set up a face setting for Swagger?

When Swagger grabbed that briefcase, fans jumped out of their seats. It may be Swagger winning, or maybe just a great match it was. This is very imaginable, as he could possibly cash it in against Chris Jericho, or stay heel by cashing it in against John Cena.

Nonetheless, we will see the outcome hopefully very soon, or we may just need to wait a little while.