10 Reasons Why Wrestlemania 26 Is The Worst Of All Time

C.M. JamesCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2010

Wrestlemania 26 has come and gone and it is one for the books. Long from now, people will have memories citing this as the Wrestlemania where Shawn Michaels fought his last match. Thankfully Michaels and Undertaker delivered a superb sequel that is akin to Godfather II to last year’s masterpiece. However, with the rest of the card so brilliantly booked and many purist building this up as the best Wrestlemania since WM X-7, how could have so much gone wrong for the WWE to an extent where we may have just witnessed the WORST WRESTLEMANIA OF ALL TIME.


10. The commentary team. If your name is Michael Cole, you better pray Vince McMahon or Bret Hard did not hear you say Bret Hart spits in the face of Montreal” when they re-watch Wrestlemania because if they do, I can imagine spit on your face when Vince McMahon spews hot fumes onto your face with a four-lettered tirade. Matt Striker, another goon had this golden nugget for the WWE Universe, “I cannot begin to tell you how important the experience is; to know what it’s like to climb the ladder…’” Yes, I am sure climbing up a ladder would be an important experience if you actually have climbed up one in your WWE career or if you actually have participated in a “Money in the Bank” match. Those who said that HBK v The Undertaker was not as good a match as last year’s event, well the God-awful commentary had to be one of the reasons.


9. The more the merrier…NOT! From six to eight to ten, WWE’s idea of “The bigger, the better” is significantly flawed. Eight was already pushing the limit when we had four fillers that had no chance of winning “Money in the Bank” participating in the match. And last year’s match saw ridiculous spots like Hornswoggle leaping off the top rope causing SEVEN grown men to fall on their backs, even if one of the men, Kane was no where near the area of impact. This year the WWE waste even more talent by having TEN men in the match doing virtually one stunt each. And to move on to my next point…..


8. The Intercontinental Champion was participating in the Money in the Bank match. I mean could the WWE disrespect and de-value the championship any more? The WWE could easily have brought back some value into the championship by putting it on the waist of Rey Mysterio and C.M. Punk placed in an angle stating he wants to strip-the-championship-of-a-degenerate-so-that-people-would-see-the-light angle. The WWE could have so easily brought back some needed lustre to the Intercontinental championship. In past Wrestlemanias, the Intercontinental Championship was a highlight of the event (Michaels’ match springs to mind) but now….Rey Mysterio beats JBL in under a minute last year to this. Again, WWE dropped the ball.


7. “D” for Divas. Can the Divas division be any more in the dumps? The match was three minutes long according to Wikipedia but it felt much longer than that. As far as I am concerned, the only female wrestlers who could wrestle – Mickie James and Beth Phoenix and the other two divas anyone give a hoots about? Kelly Kelly and Maryse and that is only because most men drool over them blondes. Do something with the Divas or just scrap away with it. If we could have the significantly more important Intercontinental Championship a no-show at the WWE for such a long time, I am sure the Divas could be put to rest. On Wrestlemania I mean….and if Rey Mysterio v CM Punk were given those three minutes…..


6. …..they would have had a much better match. Earlier this year, C.M. Punk and Rey Mysterio had a match on Smackdown! that would have been an early candidate for Match of the Year before this year’s Wrestlemania’s main event. That caused for some appetite whetting among WWE and professional wrestling fans who expected a match that could potentially steal the show. And in under 7 minutes, these two managed to deliver some incredible moves, pulled off near-falls in a fast-paced match but after all the incredible promos delivered by Punk, 7 minutes was not enough time to tell a story that deserved a better ending. And Rey Mysterio, that Avatar costume should have been cut. This was supposed to be a personal feud. You should have ran down the isle for some retribution. If an irate dad had time to pick up an Avatar costume, screw it.


5. There is no ‘team” in tag-team. WWE’s idea of a tag-team nowadays is mix-and-match any two random guys from the locker room and woila! The WWE really dropped the ball by not introducing the Hart Dynasty with a win at Wrestlemania for the tag-team gold. Just when the WWE had it right for a few months with JeriShow and D-X feuding for the tag-team gold, the WWE does it again by having two guys no one cares about slugging for the gold. Had the WWE placed the gold on The Hart Dynasty and have them defend the gold against whomever Vince McMahon pits them against for the Hart-McMahon feud, it would have made more of the tag-team titles. Again, the WWE blew a chance to re-instil meaning to the tag-team championship.


4. As eluded earlier, WWE mixes and matches any two random guys that are not in a feud and throw them together in the ring expecting a good rivalry. It does not work that way, Vince. Sheamus v HHH is a classic example of a match no one gives a crap about. Just because Sheamus and HHH are two of the biggest stars in the WWE and just because they are not involved in an angle, the WWE pits them together. Admittedly, these two delivered a solid match but there was so much potential in these two that if they have had developed a good story, it would have been so much better. The past two Wrestlemanias have proven why HHH has been relegated from main-eventer to upper mid-carder.


3. Last year that Pussycat Doll and Kid-Rock, this year Fantasia. All together, two has-beens and three people no one gives a crap about musically. Considering that the WWE has a WWE Music division with Mickie James a recording artiste, why not have her perform her song? Or Maria and Lilian Garcia? I am sure WWE fans would pay more attention to ‘one of their own’ as opposed to singers we don’t care nor like shoved down our throats.


2. I am pretty sure that I am alone on this one but I hate open-air Wrestlemanias. I get this perception where an open roof allows sound to escape through it and that the crowd would need to make twice as much noise to sound just as loud in a closed stadium. I have no facts to back it up scientifically but I honestly do believe that closed stadiums are better settings for a Wrestlemania. The fact that the sky is a major distraction for some fans, especially me adds more reason why Wrestlemania 26 had a dead-crowd. Of course, WWE’s awful booking was part of the reason why few people got into the event as passionately as last year’s crowd. I don’t think the WWE or analysts can blame anyone for dead crowds since no one pays money to be intentionally stiff.


1. But perhaps the worst crime the WWE committed was allowing Bret Hart v Vince McMahon to take place. I understood the move from both parties. Vince McMahon needed to retaliate with Hogan at TNA and Hart needed closure. But a handshake would have been the best way to solve things. Because with a stroke and both men’s age combined for a total exceeding 100, this match should never have happened. If I could tell Bret Hart this before he decided to set foot on a Wrestlemania return, would you like to be remembered as the person who said that he was the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be while being the same person who delivered the worst match at WM there was, the worst match at WM there is and the worst match at WM there ever will be? Chances are, I’d be able to convince him out of this snore fest. At 11 minutes, this match was 11 minutes too long.


There, I said it, 10 reasons why WM 26 was the worst of all time. Can any of you think of a worse Wrestlemania in recent time?