O Say Can You See...Guthrie on His Bike?

Nick VitaContributor IJuly 12, 2008

Coolest Orioles team ever? Quite possible.

Can you picture Luke Scott, packing heat and riding his bike? Maybe he mounts the gun on the handlebars in case he has to fire on the go. Then when he gets home, he writes about his travels in his journal.

Three of the five starting pitchers ride into work. I picture them all riding together, maybe drafting one behind the other, as they come down the street in full uniform. That would be the best Orioles Magic video ever. Of course, all that riding is starting to tire their legs, and they're having trouble going deep in games. That's clearly why they've been struggling.

And Aubrey Huff rides a bike? I call shenanigans.There is absolutely no way. That's horsesh*t.