This Just In: Jemele Hill Knows Her Sports

Spencer CuellarContributor IMarch 31, 2010

In actuality she doesn’t. And seriously: it’s been enough already. I believe she’s been at ESPN for about three full years now. I hadn’t read anything for a pretty long time and was wondering why. I was also pleasantly surprised.

I’d hadn’t had a sports gripe for some time (aside from all the overrated dunks and blocks of the Prince himself on top 10 plays every night) and didn’t know what was up.

I guessed that those fortunately-covered white athletes finally toned down their bad habits and actions or got even more preferential treatment and were completely absolved before any press could learn of the dumb mistakes they made and put their organizations in unpleasant situations, which is probably why Jemele felt she was out of work in addition to me feeling the void in my life that was her sensational sports writing.

Thank heavens for Big Ben Roethlisberger.

I looked up Jemele a short while ago but still probably about a couple months past. Her archive was empty. Um maybe because football season’s been over for some time and the best teams have the better players talent and personality-wise therefore the last time a football player could have done something wrong would have been in December if not sooner.

That’s not a dig at black people, it’s at the NFL which has proven to have the most criminals but the NBA is giving them a run for their money. I’m sure that will also come under scrutiny as more white people play baseball and hockey. Show your ignorance by calling me racist.

So please continue to gripe with my gripe as unintelligibly as Jemele would when a white person jaywalks.

She brings up a good question; I’m not going to lie. To answer it, I think it’s because there has been no new information. In addition, they have not called for Ben’s blood sample. It is rare that these cases take this long to develop and for that, Goodell has also paused.

He has been known to punish before verdict. However that was with far worse crimes. I don’t think Rey Maualuga was punished by the league. The Bengals were already out so would there have been a point to? Probably not but that’s valid. Also, Ben’s accused action is worse than Rey’s, yet Jemele is doing the same thing but even further. She compared Ben in his second situation with a woman to Pacman Jones and Michael Vick.

Now, I’ve always preferred cats to dogs but I think the unnecessary killing of any animal, especially domestic ones, and about the 10 or so/whatever he and his buddies did, is a little worse in the very least than Ben quite possibly only feeling up a drunken girl who by the way may be lying like Ben’s first accuser.

Maybe that’s just me but there’s a huge difference between the two. And do not even get me started on the difference between Ben’s and Pacman’s track records. On the field or off. Regardless, Big Ben is a much better person than the others (mentioned). I’m not calling him a Saint like Brees literally or even Tom Brady, but he’s not been proven to be a troubled person.

He’s made the poorer decision a couple times, sure. He likes to ride his motorcycle fast so what. Alex Ovechkin drives his European cars past 150+MPH and he’s praised for it. Both are white and probably score with more woman than they do goals and TD passes.

What’s the difference? Black people like Jemele don’t watch hockey and wouldn’t know about Ovie’s similarities.

How did that sound? Stupid and incorrect? Uh yes ‘cause it was; because that’s what Jemele does. Says nonsensical things. Over and over. In an unpredictable field (sports), perhaps the hardest of all industries to do so, she is the most predictable thing of all-time.

Jemele Hill writing about race no effing way, man! How’d you guess it? You’re so smart you should go to Hartford!

Talk about ignorance. It’s almost unbelievable how crappy her thoughts and thought process, or lack thereof, is. She writes alright. Maybe if she’d put it to good use she’d go somewhere, like I don’t know, on ESPN (television) not when she’s deriding white Skip Bayless once in a blue moon when a black athlete has been punished for something bad and Skip feels and knows the punishment fits the crime because he’s a better sports analyst, writer, and person; otherwise she’s never on and just given a keyboard. Wonder why? Uh could it be that she analyzes nothing to do with sports?

Let me guess. Us white folks are sticking together. And by us I mean me for Skip. I can tell you many white people hate Skip so don’t go there.

Back to Jemele and her fantastic findings. All she ever does is write about athletes getting in trouble. If the athlete is black, he’s being over punished with unfair consequences. If he is white, he has not been punished enough and has not only been given more leeway but more time to have to himself in a longer dissertation between himself and what league he represents when he’d rather be with the people he loves…in which he’s probably stayed inside the whole time which is definitely better than being out and knowing what you’re dealing with with more time to prepare yourself, family, friends, and organization…

Yeah, all very smart points. Of course, none of them make sense. What’s worse and the worst of her whole deal going on is she’ll purely base her awful opinion on race. I am not defending white people as she does black. I’m just saying that Jemele is terrible. And because I’m white that probably means I’m racist, right Jemele?

The world today, and more specifically, in the United States of America, I do not think there is a race issue. If there is, it is far less than what it’s ever been. I’m not saying that’s OK. It’s not. There should be zero problem.

However, to continue to stir up dumb stuff like this, especially by a black person, is going the wrong way. Jemele probably thinks that giving this preferential treatment to white athletes is a step in the wrong direction. Well if it was what was really going on then sure, but it’s not. You’re delusional, Jemele. She is hurting her own race that she thinks she is standing up for.

And if she is not standing up for them, then what is she doing? Is she this crazy? I don’t think so and would hope she is not.

I’d like to relate this to the movie Barber Shop. Near the end when Ricky goes off (correctly as I am now on dumb, incorrect Jemele or) Jimmy in the movie, about clams or shells or whatever, and then gives that well-educated argument that Jimmy is impressed with then says he is surprised Ricky even came up with it…

Anyway, in his argument, Ricky says that black people need to stop complaining about slavery, and then reparations, and even if they received them, they’d only spend it on cars and other foolish objects that wouldn’t benefit them the best way.

Not only is he right, but if Jemele were smart, she wouldn’t give validity to the point of the black people who would complain about slavery then spend their money from reparations on needless things. Jemele feels that there is this disconnect and that racism is still very prevalent. It is not.

As I said earlier I do not feel there is a large racism problem in this country. If you want to dispute it, OK, but to say I’m just white and wouldn’t know is showing your ignorance to what I think is a fact that you’d be proving my last point there.

I am not ignorant, but also not boasting the knowledge of what other humans had to go through. I know to some extent. I also have black friends and have discussed whatever issue you can think of with people of whatever color from wherever. People from Beirut, Lebanon. Paris, France. Melbourne, Australia. All over the U.S. London, England. Los Angeles. Wherever you want to argue.

You want a race problem? Go to Spain where poor (and by poor I mean I feel compassion for them for the crap they go through on road games, such as one of my favorite players Patrice Evra—what I’m white and can’t like a black soccer player?—not because the black athletes have little money because they aren’t white, to the ingrates who will surely attack me for my strong wording that you’re too infant to understand) black players have to endure chants and threats from close by opposing fans. It’s so well-known and documented there; it still happens multiple times annually. And like Jemele, the idiot jerk fans who do chant bad things, they only hurt their own home team by putting them at risk to possible consequence by their respective league affiliation or FA.

I do not judge people based on their race, religion, or creed. I will judge people that I think are stupid like Jemele, sure, but not because she is black.

I really don’t get how she can even think there is a race issue not only in the country but in the major sports, arguably the most prideful and joyous activity in the USA.

Barack Obama is white. Clearly we have issues with black people. It’s like when that other congressman whose name I forget said that he forgot Obama was black, as if to suggest being black is still viewed as a disease that one must overtake to become better.

That congressman is a fool and wrong. I don’t think there are many like him and if so, they are wrong and dumb and majorly in the minority now and to feel at home, they’d better change because the world (especially here) is doing anything but reverting back to being racist and critical of others due to the color of their skin and other baloney “factors.” The evidence that we’ve improved for the better is so strong. Just look.

Today, if people have issues with other people because they are different regarding race or religion, those people are just really stupid and pathetic. There’s almost no place for racism anymore.

There is some, I have said that already, but it’s far less and the current situation is better. Jemele is speaking as if it’s still a major issue. It’s improved so much that some have said or asked: is Gay the new Black?

Gay is the new Black. That would mean that the old (Black) was done. It is not fully 100 percent but I really feel that it’s not worth arguing over anymore. And by doing so, in like Jemele’s case, it only does harm and she would be going backwards, not the point she is arguing; which is also wrong because white athletes are not getting preferential treatment. By bringing up the subject which has passed almost ultimately and certainly by a substantial amount even since recent times when it was already much changed for the better, it’s just starting unnecessary crap.

Years ago her writing would be fine. Even as much as 10 years ago. But now, it’s almost preposterous. It’s certainly annoying.

To be perfectly honest, one could argue Jemele is a reverse racist. Or, at least doing reverse racist actions.

I didn’t want to have to write what I’m about to but will because it’s the dumb world we still live in, for a small portion:

To call me out would be dumb because while I am in a way just saying all the negatives about Jemele (there really are no positives but web hits/reads), I am not defending my race simply because I am that race and have the ability to. I am responding. Jemele has the right to say what she wants and a better outlet than most as she works at ESPN. The Internet has given everyone a voice and way to share pornography with one another as Ben Affleck informed us once. I am using my voice. To refute.

I never said I fully understood and could understand the struggles of other people. I’m also not ignorant of it, either. I think Jemele’s “argument” is wrong. Once agreeing with that, my other points further the idea that she is awful for the business and just ridiculously bad and undeserving of a job at not only ESPN, but in the industry.

She’s great for ESPN in that she and they know her stupidity will raise many comments and reactions, often negative—because she is so wrong and annoying in her overbearing delusional ways of thinking in the past that is so clearly not how things remain now.

I was gone over the weekend when she wrote her latest column on Big Ben. That is probably why I missed it. I probably would have seen an ad or mini-spot for it and surely clicked right away to read all the garbage then the correct hate mail she surely deservedly would have gotten in response. I was shocked to hear on the television, though, that Jemele had written “a great article.” Really? It was great?

Greatly stupid, the usual, and predictable.

One question can and should but won’t put a rest to Jemele’s awful place in sports writing—(she knows nothing about sports and shows us this every time an athlete gets involved with the law because she cannot cover a game, predict a score, or analyze athleticism period; just why white people are favored all the time in everything forever and ever):

Would Jemele have written anything she’s ever written if she were white and would she even have the sad position she has at ESPN if she wasn’t black?

Thank you.


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