Are WWE Pushing The Wrong People?

David BowstonContributor IApril 1, 2010

SPOILER ALERT: I'm sure most of you already know who or what I'm reffering to but just in case. This article contains spoilers of the upcoming friday night Smackdown so read on if you dare.

Leading up to Wrestlemania I was excited to see rumors of my now favourite superstar (Since HBK is gone), John Morrison winning the MITB and cashing in to win his first World Championship.

Sorry but I'm not counting the ECW Title.

Then while watching Smackdown I was confused to see him defeated in a qualifying match, but still hopeful.

Then I heard he and R-Truth were teaming against ShowMiz or MizShow or whatever those guys are called.


Someone with the talent, who has had such an amazing year rewarded with being in the lowest card on the Grandest stage of them all?

Needless to say I was outraged.

This led me to wondering, "Are WWE pushing the right guys?"

Now, this is how it seems to have gone down to me, first you have the veterans, not necessarily old guys but experienced, you have HHH, Batista, Cena, Edge and Orton being the main five title challengers in WWE, occasionally Chris Jericho also.

Then you have the up and comers, guys who will surely be World title material soon, here you have, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, and The Miz etc.

Then we have what I like to call, "beginners", here we have, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Jack Swagger and R-Truth etc.

Now this has nothing to do with age or title wins, more to do with readiness to be pushed.

Yet, Sheamus has already held the WWE Championship, Jack Swagger WILL/HAS won the World Heavyweight Championship and I'm sure it's only a matter of time until Vince's newest lap dog McIntyre will be in the title picture.

I can't understand this, at all.

Okay, the veterans do not need title challenges anymore, possibly Orton and Edge should still be in the title picture, as well as Cena but HHH and Batista etc can be enthralled into personal feuds and people could keep interest.

The up and comers, now they NEED title challenges, not necessarily wins but solid performances in order to prepare them and get them over with the crowd.

But they aren't being given the chances they deserve.

John Morrison is my favourite superstar because he is extremely talented in the squared circle and is decent on the mic yet he is put in ridiculous and unnessecary tag teams and matches. Kofi is similar yet he just seems to be drifting about on Raw doing nothing.

The Miz has had a decent push as late but nothing worth worshipping him about.

As for Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin, well I've lost all hope. Too incredible wrestlers who should have been title challengers long ago but never got the chances they so desperately needed and deserve.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for pushing the beginners but ask yourselves, "Is this not a bit early?"

What was it, 68 days before Sheamus one the title?

Good Lord!

How is that enough time to deem weather or not he is ready?

Swagger, okay he has been in WWE for just over a year I believe but so has the likes of Evan Bourne who is just as good as Swagger but has had no sort of a push whatsoever.

Damn the curse of being small in the WWE.

Drew McIntyre? I'm not even going to start. I will say he must have good mouth work, and not on the mic. Isn't that right Vinnie? Late nights at the office?

Now there is one guy I haven't mentioned on purpose because since he as been part of the WWE I have ranted and ranted about why he should be pushed yet nothing happens.

Christian. Incredible in ring worker, even better on the mic, one of the best if not the best.

Yet what has he earned since returning to WWE?

An ECW Title reign or two.

Which is good but far less than he deserves.

God forbid he should move to a company where he will be treated how he deserves to be treated for a while.

In conclusion, WWE pushes should be though of as a circle. Take for example HHH.

Started off lower card, worked his way to mid card then (married the bosses daughter) worked his way to main event status. That was a joke for those who's funny bones have been broken recently. Now HHH is getting on in dog years and while I want him to beat Ric Flair in the title's held department, he doesn't need to be involved in title matches to get over, he should be in feuds like his one with Sheamus, staying fresh and putting younger talent over.

Let's look at John Morrison, started at the lower card, worked his way to mid card, looked like he was going to main event and.... nothing. He NEEDS to get that push. He NEEDS to be given title shots, main event feuds in order to be over with the fans, build a fan base and work towards a healthy future.

Now, Sheamus, started off at lower card, looked impressive and BANG. WWE Champion.

Whoever came up with this isn't a genius. At all. I have nothing against Sheamus, I think he can be a good monster heel and a FUTURE main eventer but he needs to do more to get heat. Defeat HHH, disgrace Shawn Michaels or another established, loved face. He should be pushed but first he should explore the mid card, US titles, feud with some main eventers, work with guys on his own level also.

Sam goes for Swagger but at TOT (time of typing) I'm too late and Swagger's push has began. Too early in many's opinions and maybe a little undeserved considering guys like Matt Hardy, Shelton, Christian, Kane, John Morrison etc desperatley need that push.

Please WWE, review your superstars and really think who needs pushed and who doesn't.

See if John Morrison isn't world champ by 2011, I will find Vince and start swinging. 'Nuff said.



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