Juiceboxing101: Why Do Wrestling Fans Hate Wrestling?

Justin OrelCorrespondent IApril 3, 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 12:  WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (C) congratulates winners Sarah Furhman (L) and Steve Rosenzweig at the announcement of the First McMahon Million Dollar Mania Winners at the Hard Rock Cafe June 12, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Will Ragozzino/Getty Images)
Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

Hey juicers.


Okay, I’m sure I’m going to get a ton of negative backlash for this article, but I welcome it with open arms. Consider the comments section an environment for you to hate on a huge MMA fan, while at the same time sticking up for your sport of choice.


It seems the people who still watch pro-wrestling, spend much more time hating the product, than enjoying it.


I tend to read the wrestling articles on this site more than the MMA articles because, as an aspiring MMA writer, I don’t want to be influenced in any way by my fellow writers.


I stopped watching wrestling in 2003, for the same reasons most of us did, I grew out of it.


However, maybe morbidly, I keep up with what’s going on and still check out the wrestling sites, just to see which of my childhood heroes has died recently.


Being a huge wrestling fan since 1990, I realize just how poor the product has been in recent years.


But to come on this site and bash the WWE and Vince McMahon for catering to kids that will follow his product for the next 20 years at least, is ridiculous.


To complain about the lack of depth in developing characters or lengthening title reigns is meaningless banter at this point.


If you are over the age of 18, you probably shouldn’t like wrestling anymore. Of course I did, and a lot of people do, but when you’re watching a TV-PG program and a leprechaun runs on-screen, don’t roll your eyes and blog about it like a lover scorned.


Watch something that’s targeted to YOU, not little Timmy down the street.


I recently read an article from Bleacher Report contributor Christy Barber entitled “The Top 5 biggest mistakes in WWE history.” No. three on the list was the infamous Montreal Screwjob.


First of all, the Screwjob in question was an elaborate work that paved a way for Bret Hart to depart the WWF without losing his title, while at the same time developing the evil Mr. McMahon character. It was the most successful work in wrestling history, as a decade later, fans are still referring to this a huge mistake.


I’m amazed at how many fans and insiders still buy this storyline hook, line, and sinker. Think about it for a minute. Vince is a billionaire—if he didn’t want someone coming into his office on a tirade and punching him out, that person wouldn’t get within a mile of the chairman.


One really only has to take a look at the old, “Wrestling With Shadows” documentary to see it all go down. Cameras are conveniently there to see the Hart family get in a scuffle with the culprits, DeGeneration X.


Shawn and Hunter swear their innocence while Owen and Bulldog yell back.


That’s not a shoot, people. That’s a backstage segment.


Remember who's writing this stuff, Vince McMahon, the same man who tried his best to convince us all he was dead. The same man who once teamed with his son, Shane, in a tag team match against Shawn Michaels and his partner...wait for it...God!


The other day I was listening to Bubba the Love Sponge and Jeff Jarrett was the guest. It turned into a seemingly-endless promo for the TNA product, as they shouted insider terms back and forth and “shot” on each other over the air.


The scary thing is, people bought it. It’s called a promo.


Remember who's writing this stuff. Vince Russo. The same man who shoots on everyone he passes in the mall and cuts scathing promos on his cat for missing the litter box.


So now the Internet is ablaze with, “Thank You Shawn Michaels,” and “Top Shawn Michaels Matches” topics due to his recent retirement. That’s right, a pro wrestler, forced to retire due to a stipulation that was never legit in any way to begin with.


So don’t cry for Shawn Michaels, kids. Remember how upset you all were when Mick Foley retired (2000). And when Ric Flair retired (every year since 1994).


If you’re going out of your way to come on this site and bash the last PPV you watch, then maybe you shouldn’t spend $50 plus on something that leaves you unfulfilled month after month.


If you like it, that’s great.


If you don’t, stop torturing yourself.


Remember, you’re watching pro wrestling, the target audience is no older than 12. Enjoy your old wrestling tapes, the vintage WWF tapes that are being put out on DVD, and if you can, enjoy today’s product without getting all bent out of shape over its proceedings.


If you’re a true wrestling fan, act like it, stick up for your sport. The sense of creation and unity and growth in the MMA section is off the charts because we believe in the sport we love and want to see it do well.


Rarely do you see so many negative articles that just run the sport into the ground.


Most wrestling fans aren’t fans of what they’re watching at all.



Get juicy. Or get away.


Justin "The Juice" Orel