Wrestle Mania 27 Matches

Demba BaContributor IApril 5, 2010

Here are some of my ideas for matches at Wrestle Mania 27. I know Wrestle Mania 26 is only over two weeks ago but I'am so excited for Wrestle Mania 27 already! Some of the matches at Wrestle Mania 26 were very disapointing and I hope that my ideas are not disapointing to all of you. Some of the matches I have kept the same champions as they are today but must of them have new champions. I have picked winners for this but feel free to reply on who you tjink should win and what you tink.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!:)

P.S this is my first time writing on this so please ingnor any mistakes.


Money In The Bank:

Benjimin V Shemus V Miz V Drew M V Evan V Kofi V Rey V R - Truth V Ezekiel V Morrison

Alot high flires in this match as of the disapointment of the last one with the lack of excitment.


Shelton Benjimin to winand get the push he needs!


I.C Tittle:

Matt Hardy(champ) V Cm Punk

Hardy beats Drew for the tittle and has a long run. This match brings back the importance of the I.C Tittle with a good rivalry between two experinced wrestlers.

Punk to win but this rivalry continues.


Ladder Match:

Edge V Christian

Christian was drafted to Smack Down and teamed up with Edge to have a few months run as the Unifed Tag Team Champions. But when they lose them Edge get mad and attacks Christian. This rivalry will be going on since it started at Survivor Series or what ever its called now and this will be the end of the rivalry as the winner becomes the #1 contender. I choose a lader match as of the history of these two in ladder matches.  

Christian to win and get his long awited push.


U.S tittle:

Yoshi Toshu(champ) V Zac Ryder

Not a big match but still a much needed one. Both superstars were the last two men in the un telavised rumble match at WM 26 and this match would be better for there carers.

Yoshi wins.


Vacaint Womens Championship:

Trish Stratus V Mickie James

Trish made a suprise return to attack new 7 time Womens champion Mickie as she has equaled her record for must Womens tittle. Mickie agreed to vacate the tittle for this match so the winner goes down in history.

Trish wins and wins back her tittle and record

Unifed Tag Team Tittles:

Jeri-Show V Hart Dynasty

Show-Miz lost ther tittles to Edge and Christian and Show left for Smackdown ending his parthnership with Miz. Once on Smack Down he reunited with Jericho and won back the tittles. Hart Dynasty won a Tag Team Fatal Four Way to be in the match.

Hart Dynastiy win

World Heavy Weight Championship:

Jack Swagger V John Cena(champ)

Cena drafted to Smack Down were he has a non title rivalry with CM Punk. This rivalry last a while. Then at the Elimination Chambore Cena wins the tittle from Jack. Leading up to Swaggers rematch.

Jack Swagger wins


The Rock V Undertaker

The Rock returns at Backlash to face Cena for the WWE tittle. The Rock wins. Rock then loses the tittle at Summer Slam to Batista. Then for the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven The Rock qulafies but is injured the next week(you will find out in the next why) but say he will return. He comes back at the Elimination Chamber and attacks Taker causing him to loose his chamber match. The Rock then states he wants to face Taker at Wrestle Mania. Taker agrees.

Undertaker wins and makes it 19-0 

WWE Tittle:

Falls Count Anywere Loser Retires Match:

Batista(champ) V Triple H (with Mr McMahon)

Batista V Triple H at The Bash (or wath ever its called now) in the King Of The Ring Final. WInner gets a tittle shot at Summer Slam. Btaista wins but then Triple H is run over by a car the same night.  When Triple H wakes up he tells his father in law he saw Batista in the car before he was run over. Vince then tells Batista he is gonna make his life a living hell untill Triple H returns. Suprisingly Vince didn't do anything to stop Batista from beating The Rock for the tittle. The next night on RAW The Rock qualfied for the Championship Scramble. But the next week Vince challenged him to a match for his place in the scramble. Rock accepted but of course he was attacked by alot of superstars and lost. He was continued to be attacked by the superstars then Batista came out to save The Rock. This was Batista face turn! Batista announced his new friend The Rock was injured. At the scramble Batista was the first entry and Vince was last. Vince suprise replment was the returning Undertker. He won the tittle and was forced to hand it to Vince. Vince lost the tittle to Batista some how even though every heel was at ringside hellping Vince. Triple H won the Royal Rumble and won the chance to face Batista. It then turned out that Triple H was now a heel with Vine by atcking alot of face superstars. Then Triple H put an offer to Batista to make the match a loser retiers match. Batista agreed and the match became a falls count anywere match an Vince put him self in the match. Batista did well in the match but in the end 2 on 1 was to much for Batista and he lost. At the end of the match Batista said goodbye to the WWE and Triple H shook his hand. 


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