Questions For The Leafs

Jeff MacLennanContributor IApril 5, 2010

There is a lot of improvement pertaining to the Leafs through these final games of the season. Though there is still some questions that I ask myself and wonder about the Leafs. One question is "Will Dion Phaneuf be the Leafs 17th captain?". As well as will Dion shape back in to the 17 goal and 60 point man he was. Even though there is nothing wrong with 10 goals from a defenceman. Phaneuf was recently named the NHL's most overrated player. Personally I think that is just from players not wanting to play against the beast of a man. Don't forger that the man has also scored 20 goals in the NHL as well. Personally I believe he can get back to that, especially if he is named captain. Another question is what should we expect from him next year? I think he is very capable of a 20 goal 60 point season if he remains healthy. Then you must ask yourself and be happy knowing that Kessel has a very good chance at 40 goals and possibly 50. The big question I want opinions on is if you think Kaberle is going or not, to what team and what  the return will be for him. I do these type of articles because I love feedback and opinions. I don't write give information that is already known of the Leafs because the true fans already know. All i want is answered opinions to my questions. Or even possible rumours!!