Donovan McNabb Era Is Officially Over in Philadelphia

Walt HaleyContributor IApril 6, 2010

Here is a crazy little Easter nugget you may not have known about: Donovan McNabb has been traded to the Washington Redskins. I am still unsure how I feel about this.

I do know one feeling: weird. Why would they trade him within the division? I heard that Andy Reid was helping McNabb by not trading him to the Oakland Raiders, and that McNabb preferred the Redskins. You think?

Who wants to play for the corpse of Al Davis? Washington is still borderline putrid, though. 

But let me get this straight: Brian Dawkins (the biggest fan favorite, a guaranteed Future Hall of Famer, and the best locker room presence on the planet) was casually allowed to leave Denver after he rejected their low-ball offer.

Brian Westbrook was due a large salary this year. He has been the Eagles’ most exciting player for the past five plus years, but instead of offering to redo his contract and talk about taking on a diminishing role in the organization, the Eagles just release him. 

Now all of a sudden, the Eagles get a conscious and trade McNabb to the spot where he wants to go? 

That makes no sense at all.

I know it is a business, and the two previous moves were business decisions, but this franchise continues to shoot itself in the foot. 

What if McNabb takes the Redskins to the playoffs and the Eagles finish 5-11, losing to the Redskins twice? 

I know the fans here wanted some change (some were more vocal than others), but it is a shame the true Eagles fan base is represented by a bunch of whiny blowhards though. 

ESPN keeps showing Shoulder Pad Sean, booing McNabb on draft day. Listen Sean, you are 40-years-old and you paint your face on Sundays. That doesn’t make you more of a fan than me, it makes you an idiot. 

Most of us fans appreciated Donovan McNabb. It is not to say we were not frustrated by the finishes, but McNabb is a winner, plain and simple. You knew what you were getting with him: four or five really good games, two or three complete stinkers, 48-foot passes, seven to eight jaw dropping plays, and the annual playoff appearance. 

He is the most prolific quarterback in Eagles’ history. This city may never have a run again like this, so I hope everyone enjoyed it. 

It definitely was time to move on. I don’t know if I am ready though. They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

That has been the Eagles' story the past 11 years. We knew they would be contenders; No. 5 just couldn’t come through in the big game. He seems to shrink at the challenge. 

That doesn’t fly in this city. Hell, winning doesn’t fly in the city; just ask Michael Jack Schmidt. 

Philadelphia is a tough place to play. I wouldn’t be surprised if Doc Halladay gets booed at a home game this year.  

I will say this about the whole McNabb thing: someone owes me an apology. I invested a lot of emotions over the past 11 years and this franchise fell short of my expectations. 

I don’t know who should give it to me. Maybe it should come from McNabb, Reid, the beer lady, the ultimate dork, Joe Banner, Mrs. McNabb, T.O., Jon Gruden, Jake Delhomme, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner (two apologies), the 6 a.m. tailgate organizer, KFC, or the pickle juice of 2000. 

Someone owes Walt a hug and a ‘sorry’, and I am certain to collect. 

The Eagles can and will compete this year, it will just be different. I have a weird feeling the Eagles are going to move up high in the draft and snatch up Eric Berry or Earl Thomas and luck out and get Mount Cody in the second round as well.  

Kevin Kolb better get off to a good start, or he will be the most hated person in the city by Oct. I hope he is watching a ton of tape and throwing mad routes to DeSean Jackson. 

In any case, go birds!